View Full Version : Tough draw in Holiday, FL tourney...

09-29-2011, 08:47 PM
One of the proprietors of the Corner Pocket here in Wilton Manors (basically Fort Lauderdale) is John Foster. (Great little room, excellent equipment, no smoking allowed, I recommend it.)

He's planning to compete in the Open in a couple of weeks, and went up north of Tampa to Holiday for a local tournament held just before the recent Steve Mizerak Open at the Seminole Hardrock. He said he was hoping for a decent draw.

First match was Corey. (Uh-oh!) So John was immediately knocked to the 1-loss side, losing at 9-4.

John won his next two matches, one against Ms. Paglia from the womans' tour I believe, and an older competitor (71 YO).

Then he drew Earl. (Uh-oh!) Earl told him, 'you play pretty good for an older guy!' John reminded him that they'd played before, and that Earl was actually older than him. Earl didn't answer that one, but knocked John out of the tournament at about 9-4 again. (John followed one game win with two break and runs, but it was too little, too late.)

Had he won that match, John would have faced Alex P next.

Sheesh! Some kind of HOF murderers' row field at that event!