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03-02-2002, 07:52 PM
I like an exaggerated stop at the top of my backstroke. It gives me ample time to shift my eyes to the object ball, and warns me if I am offline. I am convinced that this is where 'the stroke' begins, and that everything prior to that position is just preparation. In other words, the entire stroke goes forward. For me, no real 'timing' is involved. There is no rhythm, except for the motion to hit the cueball. I'd like to see some comments here.

03-03-2002, 12:39 AM
What you are describing is the basic Snooker style stroke timing used by Allison Fisher, Steve Davis and Buddy Hall.

You hit upon a very important aspect of this technique. It is crucial for this technique to work consistently, that the eyes move from the cueball to the object ball during the pause at the back. Thus the eye movement is timed to the pause. The pause time is determined not by a preset time allotment (like counting to three or something)but by the time required for the eyes to shift and to focus.

Thus this technique does indeed require "timing". It is just built-in to the system.

It is not for everyone (even Allison mentions that she found it uncomfortable at first), nor is it a requirement for top play (that's why you see so few top pool players using it).

But I do agree that it emphasizes the forward motion of the stroke, and eliminate the need for a slow backswing.

I tried it for 6 months, but I have gone back to a slow back swing, with a tiny pause and the Briesath type eye timing (pause at the cueball > eyes to object ball > slow back and through).