View Full Version : Why Is Snooker Table Cloth Thick ?

09-23-2002, 12:45 AM
Why is snooker table cloth thick with a noticable nap?

09-23-2002, 02:09 PM
Part of it is tradition. Some has to do with matching the cloth speed to the balls, the cushion rebound, and the table size. I once had an opportunity to play on a full sized Snooker table (6' x 12') that had been covered with Simonis 860. It was completely unplayable, for even the best players. It was way too fast.

So the sloth does need to be chosen to match the speed of the table and the game being played.

Today, the top Snooker players are using much thinner cloth, with far less nap than they used to. So the tables are much faster today than in the past. Also, the Super Crystalate snooker balls are heavier than the older balls. If you find a table with new heavy cloth, and the lighter balls, it can be like playing on shag carpeting!

I have played on the identical equipment used at the world championships, and it is not the same as what is commonly found in many pool rooms that have snooker tables. They are faster, with heavier balls. This makes the game far more enjoyable imo (and more like 9 ball, with respect to how the balls react etc.).