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10-25-2011, 05:49 PM
Scott 'The Shot' (or 'The Spot') Smith, the announcer for the last 8 years, was not in attendance. I asked Ken Shuman, the TD, about that, and he said he changed his phone number and has dropped out of sight, and nobody's seen or heard from him. We hope he's ok.

There has always before been a large projection screen on one end of the inside of the venue showing a closed circuit of the tv table's cameras' views, and a small tv set at the Accu-Stat sales table. Both were missing this year for unknown reasons (Ken said it was Accu-Stat's choice). I hope they bring both of them back.

I didn't get to see Gabe Owen, although he was there long enough to go to the one-loss side. On Wednesday in early play, he was supposed to meet John Schmidt on the tv table, and he no-showed for his second loss and out. I've heard his father had been ailing, and that may have been the story.

I didn't get to see Mika, although he was there as well. I think he was out in relatively short order.

A lot of people were missing from our CCB group from our past attendees-- Tony MD and his better half (!?), Fran Crimi, Randy G, Wes and Mike, Mike Cueball 1950, Joel (who was there and I saw him but hasn't joined us in a couple of years), my friends from Florida Frank and Scott (who were there but I only saw them 3 times briefly), and a lot of one-timers who've never gotten back-- Cardman (prior winner), Big Steve Voodoo, Anonymous Ed (prior winner), SPetty, Wendy (9-Ball Girl) and many I cannot remember.

Some of the Filipinos were missing this year: Efren, Busty, Ronnie Alcano, Dennis Orcullo, Santos Sambojan, with maybe four that did come.

The women from last year were all mainly missing-- no Gerda, Mason, Jennifer Barreta, etc.

The 'win by two' experiment from last year was modified to a sudden death final rack after two games beyond the original race. So for the semis, a race to 11 was capped at a max of 13-13 as double hill, with the winner of the next game taking the match. For the finals, a race to 13, it could only go to 15-15 before a sudden death rack. (This is important for the semi-finals, or else the final match might have to be pushed later, or the player unable to have a rest and dinner break.)

I did not see Barry's Corvette anywhere, and perhaps he has a different car now?

I couldn't really see the tv table too well, unless the player closest to me was playing. If he was sitting in his chair, he covered at least half the table view from my vantage point! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif (A late purchase of the reserved seats gave us a bad seat once we needed 3 in a row for our group.) This was fairly unacceptable and will be different next year.

I did notice that the tv table was NOT the higher end furniture look Paragon Diamond, just a regular Pro-Am Diamond.

Finally, there were no long-sleeved denim shirts with the Open decals. Weird, because they have ALWAYS had them, if I remember correctly.

Rich R.
10-26-2011, 05:34 AM
My wife was told that Gabe Ownen's brother was ill and not his father. I'm not sure which was true but it seems he definitely missed his match due to a family issue of some sort.

My wife and I were told by a very good source that a lot of the top women players were either in Asia or just returning. They had a tournament in Asia a couple of weeks ago and their Asian sponsors have had them on a tour, making well paid appearances, since. I'm not sure exactly what ladies this tour included but a number of them were involved.

Icon of Sin
10-26-2011, 05:53 AM
Anyone notice the TV table was the same Diamond table as the rest of the tourney. I know last year the TV table was a fancier one.