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09-23-2002, 04:15 PM
I have seen all the great post on 314's vs. red and black dot shafts. I have been playing with a 314 since 95( maybe even the last half of 94), when I first got the 314 it seemed as if my cue (joss east before they went production) just sang to me when I used it. the 314 shaft seemed to hit just like my ivory ferruled shafts did on their best days. It did seem that after a couple years that sensation vanished.
In trying to recreate that feeling and hearing all the roar about layered tips I have tried them all. From mooris to talisman to everest to tiger. and a few others that even I can't remember. But I could not find one that hit just right. ( I did have a qualified cue man do my work).

It is time to go back to a 1 piece tip. what do you ccb'ers reccomend. Call me stupid but a 50 cent tip can't be the answer can it?(lepro)


mike athens

09-23-2002, 04:33 PM
LePro tips are not all that BAD for the cost. I just couldn't find two that were similar in feel or hardness in a box of 50 I bought years ago. I still have 20 or so left and they are kept in a cool dry place.

I liked the LePro tips when I used them.. but when I went to the layered tips (Talisman and Morri) I was able to develope a more consistant stroke. I think it was my fear of mis-cues from a hard tip that led to my stroke improvement.

I might go back to the LePro tip just to see if my new found consistant stroke makes a different with a 50 tip.

09-23-2002, 04:57 PM
If you like a very solid hit, the Sumo Water Buffalo is a good non-layered tip. It holds chalk well, holds it's shape very well, and has a very solid hit. I like the distinctive solid sound, as it gives me one more piece of feedback about my stroke. I can tell by just the sound what type of stroke I put on the ball. Hardness rating: Medium Hard 77.3

09-24-2002, 12:01 AM
Here is what I think (you might not want to hear this):

A good example of virtually any of the established brands of tips is as good as any other. There may be a difference in hardness, and durability, but when it comes to the business of putting spin on the ball, they are nearly all good.

However, it is harder to find a 1 piece tip that is as consistent as a layered tip. 1 piece tips have a lot of variability.

But for some reccomendations:

For medium tips:

compressed blue diamond or elk masters - selected - see some of my earlier pots in th archives for how I do this

For medium hard tips:


For hard tips:

Buffalo, and some Sumo tips

All of these tips (if you manage to find a good specimen) hold chalk well, hold their shape well, and do a good job.

You have to decide what hardness you prefer.

Believe it or not, I like anything from a medium soft to a hard tip. As long as it holds chalk I'm happy.

The sound or "hit" is really not that important to me, I can adapt.

-well as long as it doesn't rattle!