View Full Version : Word "Pollution" Never Heard During Debates, Why?

Gayle in MD
11-10-2011, 12:04 PM
We hear plenty of references to oil, shale, fracking, but not ever a word about pollution.

We here about health care costs, medical insurance costs, Governors bragging about their states Pipelines, fracking for natural gas, and the future of energy, but do we ever hear the word, pollution?

The documentation is wide spread, we know, for certain, that our streams, rivers, bays the ocean, clean water wells, all becoming more and more heavily impacted by the polluting impacts from oil, shale, fracking for natural gas, and in the midst of a population explosion across the globe, where clean water is becomming scarce for so many, not one word about pollution, while we have so much proof of all of the illnesses, human and animal deaths, hot spots of high numbers of cancer, polluted water and air. No mention of pollution!

Texas is a polluted mess. I've seen a number of documentaries about it.

Cancer hot spots, where Nuclear waste has leaked.

Animals with no coats on their bodies.

Learning disabilities among our children, linked to pollution.

Yet, after weeks and weeks of this Republican Presidential Debate, the word "Pollution" has never been mentioned. Not once!

Does annyone else notice this?