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Gayle in MD
11-23-2011, 08:06 AM
Last night we saw a line up of Repiglican Neocons asking the questions which was a grim reminder of the colossal mess that was prosecuted against our country by the Neocon idiots who wrote the "Project For The New American Century" a fascist/corporate manisfesto which ended in the Bush disaster in Iraq, which five former Secretaries of State, have called the worst foreign policy decision in the history of this country.

We can easily see that President Obama's far more successful leadership in Foreign Policy decisions will be lost if any of these Repiglican contenders for the presidency, manages to get the irrational Repiglican policies, which destroyed our economy, and our surplus, back into the Oval Office.

We saw dumb as a rock, Cain, at his most laughable throughout the debate. And we heard more neocon manifesto of vague rhetoric.

The obvious disastrous future of a the Romney/Neocon link, which would promote more occupations, and more failed and knee jerk dangerous foreign policies, just as those neocons who were asking the questions, pushed upon this country during the historically disastrous Bush Administration.

Along with Romney repeating his lie from his disgraceful recent campaign ad, which blatently takes a sentence made by the president quoting McCain, from the last campaign, totally out of context, and uses it against President Obama, without honor, without conscience, proving he is the sleaziest person to ever run for president, a liar and a POS, who will tell any lie, suck up to any demon, and flip flop on any subject, ANYTHING to get his ass into that Oval Office, another Gingrich.



Ron Paul proves he is a simplistic nutjob, with no appreciation at all for the complexities involved in numerous foreign affairs decisions and challenges on the horizon, which will have to be made in the future, growing serious issues which are still a threat to this country, which were results of the failed Bush Foreign policies.

The Amnesty Cry, parroted over and over as the road to more illegals invading our country, a policy which none of them ever mention while they are praising their dim witted God, Ronald Reagan...who chose it as his policy, and hence, invited our current illegal alien invasion.

Perry proves he knows nothing about anything at all, once again. Another dumb as a rock, so dumb in fact, that he makes Bachmann look slightly like a C student.

Romney is so used to flip-flopping he does it automatically in plain view during debates.

Gingrich proves once again that he can argue himself out of any statement of firm policy belief, in under thirty seconds.

Laughable was the word for their assertions of foreign policy changes, which are in fact, already part of this president's foreign policies in the first place: Using drones, secret special ops and Intelligence, and coalescing other nations together to direct successful operations in serious foreign affairs policies, instead of going off half cocked, like the irrational idiot Neocons and Bush, the latter unbelievably still having the nerve to be out in front of the cameras, after proving that their policies were not only a gross failure, but irrational from the start, and created our expensive fiasco in the Iraq.

And above all, their constant lies about leadership, aimed a our president, who had the courage to attack the unsustainable rising costs of health care, managed to get bin Laden, without launching an invasion of any country, WITH SPECIAL OPS OPERATIONS, has proven himself sussessful in preventing the Bush Depression, while creating more jobs than Bush created in eight years, and smashing al Qaeda, rather than franchising it with poor policies such as the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation, pushed, policies now known for causing the broadening Middle East disaster, emobldening our enemies, and which in great part led to the economic demise which this President inherited.

As usual, Repiglicans blame others for their own policy failures. What we have observed these last few years is not in any way a failure of leadership, what we have seen, over and over, is gross obstruction of progress, caused by Repiglican irrational refusal to perform their jobs, and now we are seeing the beginning of the "Take our country back" coming Repiglican disaster, by the same neocons who created most of our problems in the first place.

If Romney, the supposed "Business man" had been president, we wouldn't have an American automobile industry in this country, at all, but President Obama, saved it, and that has been very successful.

We have a leader, with high intelligence, who has prevented what was predicted to be a second Great Depression, worse than the first, and at best, was predicted, at best, to include a slow job recovery, right from the outset.

President Obama prevented The Bush Depression, saved our automibile industry, stopped the predatory elements of a crooked Health Insurance Industry, with his AHCA, preventing them from dropping their policy holders, once they become ill, by using corruption, lies and excuses....

"Pre existing conditions" for such things as babies born with serious health problems, being dropped, and the very act of being a female used as a pre-existing condition.

President Obama's AHCA, has provided health coverage for millions of people in this country who cannot get it at all, and provided that parents can keep their grown children on their policies, particularly good for this country, since it promotes a better educated youth, enabling better numbers of college graduates, as it kicks in at a time when parents are facing the expenses of college tuition.

this president has held to a sane foreign policy agenda, without Cowboy, knee jerk, Neocon irrationality, which ends up making everything worse.

It was George Bush, who diverted all of our interests into Iraq, and failed to get bin Laden, failed to smash al Qaeda, looked the other way, while North Korea, and Iran, moved forward on their acquisition of nuclear power, and their resulting growing threat.

It was those same Neocons.... still held up as intellectuals, unbelievably, that we saw asking questions in this last debate, so barren of humiliation are they, after their policies diverted all of our efforts into Iraq, which was no threat, and their unconstitutional "Pre-emptive" war policies, their Neocon "Think Tank" power long involved with and promoted by the Cheney Family, and financed by oil money, which pushed us into the worst foreign policy decision in history, as Bush took his eye off the ball, and Afghanistan fell back under the power of the Taliban, right under his chimp nose.

It was quite clear, that if Romney wins, our foreign policy will be more pre-emptive Neocon wars of choice, barren of diplomacy, failing a policy of coalescing other nations into a joined effort of preventing more growing threats in the world, from succeeding.

OMG! What a disastrous nightmare the world will become, if we don't get rid of Repiglicans, in the next election, and their rah rah wars and invasions of choice, bereft of the hope of diplomacy, and international cooperation.

We aren't lacking leadership,.... Repiglicans are obstructing progress, as they always do, but at least we can still prevent them from running the show, and digging our debt ditch deeper, after barely surviving their failed foriegn and domestic policies, thanks to president Obama, and as we are approaching a time when we have nearly escaped and overturned their irrational, Unconstitutional and disastrous ideologies of pre-emptive wars and occupations.

What a bunch of dimwitted neocon idiots! OMG, how do failures like Wolfowitz, and Kagen, who were wrong about EVERYTHING, have the nerve to show their ugly faces of incompetence in public AGAIN!

And Romney, the job killer, the flip flopper, the proven King of sleaze in that disgraceful campaign ad, is dumb enough to be hiring all of the same Neocon failures, for his hopefully never to be, administration.

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Oh no Blitz! LMAO! The idiot can't even remember the name of the man who is interviewing him!

Romney would be a trip right back into the disastrous throes of the Bush Administration, and likely, the end of this country, and possibly the world.

There isn't a single Repiglican running, who could light a candle to the excellent leadership and good judgement of President Obama, not one!


11-23-2011, 03:29 PM

Krappynomicysts everywhere are rubbing their hands together, waiting, waiting to do nothing. The usofa iz doomed.
Give me liberty or give me death -- no, liberty "and" death -- koz liberty = death.
A country only hazta die once -- once dead it iz dead. What sort of country(s) will grow where the usofa once stood.
Praps it will bekum tribal -- and the NRA will bekum the NBAA -- koz bows and arrows will replace rifles.

Gayle in MD
11-23-2011, 03:58 PM
LOL, Mac, you're such an optimist, ... /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin.gif