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12-08-2011, 07:42 AM
I was just sitting here in my office waiting for AOL to re-boot, after it dumped me again, and my rack of 31 signed cue balls caught my attention. I started looking at each one and realized that I collected them from 2002 to 2005. Seems like only yesterday. To do it over I would not bother with cue balls but just use index cards. Getting signed cue balls caused too much dissention from the leaders, ie, Charlie. He even forbade his players to sign anything for fans. What a jerk.

I actually bought signed balls from Lee and Archer from their website. And I paid Ray Martin $30 to have him sign one for me. Had Charlie been selling blank cue balls (like I suggested to him) I would have bought them from him. I sure wouldn't buy any presigned balls from him. Just don't trust him. I want to see the player sign them.

Out of the 31 signed cue balls I have guess which one faded away. Yep. Ray's. Some black markers are better than others.

My pride and joy though is the IPT program where I have autographs from most of the players. Now I wish I would have gone to all the players and got their signatures - they were all willing to do so.

Over the years it just baffled me why promoters didn't produce a 2 or 4 page program for their tournaments. It would be an easy way for players to receive recognition. Plus make money on the programs.

These years sure did fly by.

Not playing much anymore and putting stuff on Ebay. No, Charlie, I am not selling signed cueballs on Ebay as you always feared, they are worthless to anyone else; priceless to me.


12-08-2011, 09:26 AM
Barry Behrman puts out a nice program for the US Open with an autograph page. I've had the cover signed by the winner the past few years. I've yet to see a player there who wouldn't sign. At least the ones I asked......

also in real estate and business is not booming

Rich R.
12-09-2011, 05:18 AM
I've never seen a player, man or woman, refuse to sign an autograph.
I did see Jeanette Lee, who was getting ready to play a match, ask some one to wait until after her match, which was understandable to me.
I also saw Mike Sigel ask for money to sign an autograph which I thought was disgusting.

As many here know, I take photographs at big tournaments and over the past few years my wife and I have gotten a number of players to sign their pictures for us. We have never had any refuse.

06-28-2012, 09:34 AM
Are there signed cue balls for sale on eBay?