View Full Version : Another Truth about The Moron

12-16-2011, 08:58 AM
This column points out two of many major failures on the foreign policy front of this administration. Krauthammer doesn't analysis the psychological basis for the failure but I add it here just as food for thought.

What is evident is that The Moron thinks his own hyper-intelligence can apply his own unique solutions to long-standing problems and everyone will see that he truly is The Messiah. But it turns out that His Greatness is not only not great but just a dumb-ass street thug who has magically been given great power and is using it to destroy America because his street-thug view is that we are the oppressor of the world.


12-16-2011, 04:14 PM
What part of being a street thug involves craven weakness and a lot of apologizing? Isn't that quite the contradiction in terms there?

Krauthammer is entirely wrong about each and every claim he makes in this piece, by my lights. Hilariously so, as he beats the war drums against the Iranians at 'the peak of their savagery' (LOL!).

Does he think the Iranians stole the drone from US soil? The way these things are handled correctly is to a) keep your damn drones out of other peoples' air space and/or b) have an operational failsafe self-destruct mechanism. Neither of which involves appeasement.

I guess Charlie didn't consider it, but the Iraq war that he favored? It totally empowered Iran as hegemon of the region, because the counter-weight WAS IRAQ. Which his preferred policy removed as a counter-weight to IRAN. So now that we made that titanic strategic blunder with Charlie's advice, it's time we stopped listening to this chronically obtuse and ignorant advice.