View Full Version : Heard very bad news today!

01-03-2012, 12:46 PM
One of my very close friends on the project that I am working on passed away this morning. He had headaches over Thanksgiving but never thought anything of them. Then he ended up in the hospital. He slipped into a coma and they pulled life support yesterday.

I just found out and I can't concentrate on anything. Since I was posting here I thought I would say something. Jerry was an incredibly unselfish person, who no matter how heavy his workload would be he would drop it all to help me out or answer a question. He was one of the people at work that I strive to be like. He was a good man and this is so tragic. He leaves behind his wife and children and they are all in shock. This time of year will never be the same for that family.

eg8r <~~~cannot even think straight right now

01-03-2012, 04:21 PM
My condolences to you as well as his other friends and family.

It seems the world is a little worse off today.

01-03-2012, 06:52 PM
It reminds us of how precious life iz.

01-03-2012, 07:14 PM
Sorry to hear of his loss, and condolences to you and his family in my prayers.

I'll echo mac and say it shows how short life is, and whatever we think we have time to accomplish may be taken from us without warning at any time.

It's also a cautionary tale for men in particular, who often refuse to go to the ER or the doctor when experiencing physical ailments. Also for women who do the same, or who have men in their lives who do that.

My sympathies, once again. If the family is in need, please pm me details of where to send help.

01-03-2012, 09:49 PM
Sorry to hear that, Ed. Another reminder that there are no promises for tomorrow. Live every day to the max.


01-05-2012, 07:29 PM
Thanks to those that responded. It is not often one gets the chance to work with such a well respected, honest person. To top that off, he was my mentor and probably the top person at my company with respect to the QM environment in SAP. He was known and respected around the corporation.

Anyways, I agree this is definitely example to show that life is precious and short/out of our control.

To sofla, I was floored by your offer and have a lot of respect for you. Based on what I have heard so far, the idea is to send money to his favorite charity instead of sending flowers or financial help to the family.