View Full Version : TAP "25 Rule"

09-26-2002, 06:28 PM
**Apologies, if this has been covered in a previous "sandbagging" thread.**

TAP has just begun an 8-ball league in my former (and once again current) pool hall, and I have been introduced to the "25 Rule" for handicaps, which is similar to the APA 23. ["To field a legitimate five (5) player team, the sum total of the team's handicap may not exceed twenty-five (25)."]

There are six people on the team, and we all came from the previous, BCA-rules league. I'm pretty sure that we are mostly 5-up handicaps, with the possible excepton of one player. My issue is, that if more than one person achieves '6' status or more, then part of the team has to sit. ["If a Team Captain cannot field a legitimate (5) player team according to the '25 Rule', he/she must then field their team accordingly: Total handicap for four (4) player team cannot exceed 21. Total handicap for three (3) player team cannot exceed 18."]

With this rule, what's the point of having a good team? More to the point, doesn't this encourage sandbagging, rather than discouraging it?

Also, it seems as if a strong team, in a field of relatively weaker teams, can wind up with an artificially raised handicap, if they keep winning---or, is this taken into account by the 'mystery handicapping equation'?

And, although I can see that the rule helps eliminate strong teams 'steamrolling' over weaker teams, it seems ridiculously counter-productive to competing. . . .

Comments, anyone?