View Full Version : Another good Tony passes: RIP Tony Blankley

01-09-2012, 01:04 PM
Tony Blankley was a favorite conservative of mine, along with the late Tony Snow (may God rest both their souls).

Blankley was press secretary for Newt as revolutionary and Speaker both, iirc, so he had to shovel a lot of bullcrap in his day as part of his job.

Yet he mainly hewed to the facts, and despite the fetid evil of the man he represented, didn't sink to the level of gutter sniping and mud wrestling that his boss did.

I admit that I'd forgotten he had a considerable run as a child actor, and I do not know if I ever knew he was England-born. I think the hint of an British accent that I didn't realize made me think of him as smart (which he was, no doubt anyway).

I'd been watching Tony melt away for some time (he used to have a curtain of flesh draping off his jawline, no-neck style), but I thought I'd heard he had a gastroplasty. And maybe he did, and this stomach cancer was later, I don't know.

But there are two fewer conservatives that I respect, now with Blankley's death along with Snow's, and I think that DC's culture and the country's discourse are wounded by their loss.

RIP, Mr. Blankley. You will be missed by people on both sides of the partisan divide. Oddly, perhaps not as much by the fiercer partisans on his own side, who want eye-gouging, groin-kneeing, bite your ear off ferocity from their spokesmen. But Tony had it right, and went about his business with dignity and class.