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I am reading a funny article from (the Ozzy) Life October 1 1921.
Apparantly Life learnt from the American Press about an article written by Christian Century about a study conducted by a group of Chinese students viziting the University of Chicago.

The Chinese students sent out a questionaire to several hundred American men of many vocations, including seventy ministers.
All were asked if they believed in God, and also what they believed about Him, and why.

1. Over half set themselves down az agnostics and unbelievers.

2. Agnostics were more numerous than atheists.

3. A clear majority of Americans are an Agnostic.

4. The number of atheists iz not much fewer than agnostics.

5. (Life opined that) At least 7/10ths of the population are qualified for residence in a lunatic asylum.

I koodnt find any proper info about the study. But it appears that over 70% of usofa men with a vocation were agnostic or atheist.

This tends to confirm my beleef that modern God-surveys are a heap of shit -- ie the true figures are hidden and distorted etc. The modern figure iz surely higher than 70%, not lower.

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"The most disappointing thing to the students was the wide variety of the concept of God."

"..... few men agree in what they mean by God...."

Life opined that the studensts must hav thort --- "... iz there after all any reality in the concept?..."

An American journal sez...
".... this investigation will probably do us Americans more good than it has done the Chinese....."

".... The Churches and Church people must get back again to some fundamental thinking...."

"...It is evident that we must have more doctrinal preaching...."

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Life's writer/editor sez.....
"... Dr Chapman told the prezent writer that when he went into his room for prayer, he often stood with uplifted face, and said, "Jesus! Jesus!" and the divine presence was there!....."

Hmmmmm -- but Life's writer sez that at least 7/10ths of the population (ie agnostics and atheists) are qualified for residence in a lunatic asylum. Truth iz, Biblists and Godists are mad -- az kan be seen in that example.

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"... Downright Atheists were supposed to be an almost extinct species -- for where is the evidence which can prove the tremendous positive that, nowhere within the sweep of the Universe does God exist?..."

"... A man must himself have some of the attributes of God before he is entitled to be an atheist...."

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God questionnaire

God would like to thank you for your belief and patronage.

In order to better serve your needs, [S]He asks that you take a few moments to answer the following questions.

1. How did you find out about your deity?

__ Newspaper

__ Bible

__ Torah

__ Television

__ Book of Mormon

__ Divine Inspiration

__ Dead Sea Scrolls

__ My Mama Done Told Me

__ Near Death Experience

__ Near Life Experience

__ National Public Radio

__ Tabloid

__ Burning Shrubbery

__ Other (specify): _____________

2. Which model deity did you acquire?

__ Jehovah

__ Jesus

__ Allah

__ Krishna

__ Buddha

__ Father, Son, & Holy Ghost [Trinity Pak]

__ Brahma, Vishnu, & Siva [Trimurti Pak]

__ Mawu/Olorun & Obatala [Vodun Loa Pak]

__ Zeus and entourage [Olympus Pak]

__ Odin and entourage [Valhalla Pak]

__ Satan

__ Gaia/Mother Earth/Mother Nature

__ God 1.0a (Hairy Thunderer)

__ God 1.0b (Cosmic Muffin)

__ None of the above, I was taken in by a false god

3. Did your God come to you undamaged, with all parts in good working order and with no obvious breakage or missing attributes?

__ Yes __ No

If no, please describe the problems you initially encountered here.
Please indicate all that apply:

__ Not eternal

__ Finite in space/Does not occupy or inhabit the entire cosmos

__ Not omniscient

__ Not omnipotent

__ Not infinitely plastic (incapable of being all things to all creations)

__ Permits sex outside of marriage

__ Prohibits sex outside of marriage

__ Makes mistakes

__ Makes or permits bad things to happen to good people

__ Makes or permits good things to happen to bad people

__ Looks after life other than that on Earth

__ When beseeched, doesn't stay beseeched

__ Requires burnt offerings

__ Requires virgin sacrifices

4. What factors were relevant in your decision to acquire a deity?
Please check all that apply.

__ Indoctrinated by parents

__ Needed a reason to live

__ Indoctrinated by society

__ Needed focus in whom to despise

__ Needed focus in whom to love

__ Imaginary friend grew up

__ Hate to think for myself

__ Wanted to meet girls/boys in church

__ Fear of death

__ Wanted to piss off parents

__ Wanted to please parents

__ Needed a day away from school or work

__ Desperate need for certainty

__ Like organ music

__ Need to feel morally superior

__ Thought Jerry Falwell was cool

__ Thought there had to be something other than Jerry Falwell

__ Sh_t was falling out of the sky

__ My shrubbery caught fire and told me to do it

5. Have you ever worshipped a deity before? If so, which false god were you fooled by?
Please check all that apply.

__ Baal

__ The Almighty Dollar

__ Left Wing Liberalism

__ The Radical Right

__ Amon Ra

__ Beelzebub

__ Bill Gates

__ Barney The Big Purple Dinosaur

__ The Great Spirit

__ The Great Pumpkin

__ The Sun

__ The Moon

__ The Force

__ Cindy Crawford

__ Elvis

__ A burning shrub

__ Psychiatry

__ Other: ________________

6. Are you currently using any other source of inspiration in addition to God?
Please check all that apply.

__ Tarot

__ Lottery

__ Astrology

__ Television

__ Fortune cookies

__ Ann Landers

__ Psychic Friends Network

__ Dianetics

__ Palmistry

__ Playboy and/or Playgirl

__ Self-help books

__ Sex, drugs, and rock & roll

__ Biorhythms

__ Alcohol

__ Marijuana

__ Bill Clinton

__ Tea Leaves

__ EST

__ Amway

__ CompuServe

__ Mantras

__ Jimmy Swaggert

__ Crystals

__ Human sacrifice

__ Pyramids

__ Wandering around a desert

__ Insurance policies

__ Burning shrubbery

__ Barney T.B.P.D.

__ Barney Fife

__ Other:_____________________

__ None

7. God reputedly employs a limited degree of Divine Intervention to preserve a balanced level of felt presence and blind faith. Which would you prefer?
Circle one below:

a. More Divine Intervention

b. Less Divine Intervention

c. Current level of Divine Intervention is just right

d. Don't know.

e. What's Divine Intervention?

8. God also reputedly attempts to maintain a balanced level of disasters and miracles.
Please rate on a scale of 1 - 5 your opinion of the handling of the following (1 = unsatisfactory, 5 = excellent):

a. Disasters:

1 2 3 4 5 flood

1 2 3 4 5 famine

1 2 3 4 5 earthquake

1 2 3 4 5 war & holocausts

1 2 3 4 5 pestilence

1 2 3 4 5 plague

1 2 3 4 5 Spam

1 2 3 4 5 AOL

b. Miracles:

1 2 3 4 5 rescues

1 2 3 4 5 spontaneous remissions

1 2 3 4 5 stars hovering over tiny town & previously unknown hamlets

1 2 3 4 5 crying statues

1 2 3 4 5 water changing to wine

1 2 3 4 5 walking on water

1 2 3 4 5 coincidence of any sort

1 2 3 4 5 getting any sex whatsoever

9. From time to time God reputedly makes available the names and addresses of His followers and devotees to selected reputedly divine personages who provide quality services and perform intercessions in His behalf. Are you interested in a compilation of listed offerings?

__ Yes, please deluge me with religious zealots for the benefit of my own mortal soul

__ No, I do not wish to be inundated by religious fanatics clamouring for my money

10. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions for improving the quality of God's services?

(Attach an additional sheet if necessary)

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God Image Questionnaire
By Bill Gaultiere © 1989, 2000, 2011

I developed the God Image Questionnaire (GIQ) based on my Ph.D. dissertation in 1989.

The GIQ is meant to help you better understand your personal knowledge or experience of God. To help you go beyond giving “the right answers” about God I ask about how you are experiencing God in your day-to-day life. Your experience of God is your observations of what God is doing—or not doing—in your life and the resulting attitudes, emotions, and actions that you have.

Please answer each question below according to your personal knowledge of God and not your opinions or what you think you should believe about God. Read each question and then circle “T” for mostly true and “F” for mostly false.

1.At times I don’t trust that God is giving His full attention to the details of my life. T F
2.When I need God sometimes I observe that He does not help me very much. T F
3.In my experience God may withhold good things from me. T F
4.Sometimes I experience being disregarded by God. T F
5.If I feel that God is distant from me I tend to act on my own. T F
6.At times I give into pressure from God to do something that I don’t want to do. T F
7.Sometimes I do something good to get God’s favor. T F
8.Sometimes I try to measure up God’s expectations so he won’t be displeased with me. T F
9.Even after I confess my sin to God I don’t trust that I’m forgiven. T F
10.At times I’m not confident that God is treating me fairly. T F
11.If I’m in a threatening situation I don’t trust that God will protect me. T F
12.At times I’m not sure that what I can do for God is important to Him. T F
13.Sometimes I am unsure about whether or not God has a good purpose for my future. T F
14.In my experience when I feel I really need God I might be left on my own to handle the situation. T F
15.When I talk to God about a decision I make sometimes my experience is that he’s not very interested. T F
16.Sometimes I don’t trust that God is really helping me with my problems. T F
17.At times I don’t trust that God wants to give me good things. T F
18.At times it’s hard for me to believe that I am esteemed highly by God. T F
19.Sometimes I don’t trust that God is really with me to care for me. T F
20.In my experience sometimes God doesn’t give me freedom to do what I want. T F
21.When I want God to do something for me I may do something for Him to help my cause. T F
22.At times I don’t trust that God really approves of me. T F
23.In my experience even after I tell God I am sorry for my wrongdoing He may still be upset with me. T F
24.Sometimes I avoid being honest with God because I don’t want to be under judgment. T F
25.If someone takes advantage of me then I tend to get upset that God didn’t protect me. T F
26.Sometimes I’m unsure if God believes in my abilities. T F
27.At times I am not confident that God has special plans for me. T F
28.In difficult situations I may not trust God to be at my side. T F

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God Space Questionnaire
Download Questionnaire

Prayerfully ponder the following questions that reflect the essence of "God Space". Use the following scale for each question. Jot down a number for each of the 10 questions below. When you have finished, add your numbers together to assess where you are in your journey of creating "God Space" in your relational connections.

Never 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Always

1. Can you overlook un-Christlike attitudes and lifestyles in your efforts to connect with others?

2. Are you able to suspend your judgment for long periods of time around not-yet-Christians?

3. Do you consistently seek to understand the not-yet-Christians you know before seeking to be understood by them?

4. Are you patient enough to wait for the not-yet-Christians in your life to ask for your opinion?

5. Be honest: Do you like people who are far from God?

6. Do people who are far from God like you? For example: Are you invited to “party-parties”?

7. Does your body language communicate an open-hearted acceptance of the not-yet-Christians in your life?

8. Are you able to communicate acceptance to not-yet-Christians without endorsing their lifestyles?

9. In your relationships with not-yet-Christians, do you typically offer kindness rather than “rightness”?

10. Is your heart consistently broken and filled with compassion for the not-yet-Christians in your life?

Rate Yourself

85 to 100—Congratulations! You might be frequently misunderstood by Christians, but the not-yet-Christians in your life are undoubtedly drawn toward the heart of Jesus formed in you. Keeping walking in this light.

65 to 85—You must decrease, and Jesus must increase—one heart attitude at a time. Embrace the people and the situations in your life as God attempts to prune those heart attitudes that are not bearing fruit for his kingdom.

Under 65—Jesus needs to do something in you before he can do something through you. You might start this process by beginning each day with this prayer; Lord Jesus help me to see the people who will cross my path this day the way you do.

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Questionnaire for “God’s Answer to Atheism”Oct 11, 2011

Josh Moody | inGod-Centered Life | 9:59 pm
As I prepare to preach from Ecclesiastes in a series entitled “God’s Answer to Atheism,” I have created a questionnaire to hopefully get the brain ticking over in some creative ways before the series begins on October 23rd. The questions are intended to be ‘discussion starters’ that can be used with friends, colleagues, or family members. It is not assumed that the person answering the question is a Christian, or is not a Christian. The questions follow, and answers may be submitted by clicking here.

1.Einstein said that, “the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.” Do you agree?

2.Terry Eagleton, in the Yale University Terry Lectures on Science and Religion in 2008, said, “Life for [Richard] Dawkins would seem to divide neatly down the middle between things you can prove beyond all doubt, and blind faith. He fails to see that all the most interesting stuff goes on in neither of those places.” What sort of ‘interesting stuff’ do you think Eagleton had in mind?

3.Do you think that Christians are hypocrites or examples of Christ-like compassion?

4.Are you familiar with the argument of C.S. Lewis that we cannot say that Jesus was merely a good teacher because the claims he made about himself mean that he was either Lord, liar, or lunatic? Do you find that argument persuasive?

5.If you wanted to find out more about God, would you go to church? Would you consider coming to College Church?

6.The Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes is sometimes considered to be a sort of poster child for an ancient version of existentialist philosophy – “vanity, vanity, everything is vanity” – but really it is trying to help us see that our view of God matters if we wish to live life to the full. What subject would you most like to hear addressed from Ecclesiastes?

7.Is there a difference between being religious and being a follower of Christ?

8.Is life enough without God?

9.What do you think life means?

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Are you Catholic or Protestant?
Before reading the following studies on justification by faith in this issue of Present Truth Magazine, we invite you to answer 10 questions. They are simple questions about justification by faith. In surveys to date, this questionnaire has demonstrated the startling fact that a very large proportion of Protestants are more Catholic than Protestant in their concept of justification.

Please record your answers to the 10 questions. In each of the following 10 choices, mark either (a) or (b), whichever is correct.

1 (a) God gives a man right standing with Himself by mercifully accounting him innocent and virtuous.

(b) God gives a man right standing with Himself by actually making him into an innocent and virtuous person.

2 (a) God gives a man right standing with Himself by placing Christ’s goodness and virtue to his credit.

(b) God gives a man right standing with Himself by putting Christ’s goodness and virtue into his heart.

3 (a) God accepts the believer because of the moral excellence found in Jesus Christ.

(b) God makes the believer acceptable by infusing Christ’s moral excellence into his life.

4 (a) If a Christian becomes “born again” (regenerate, transformed in character), he will achieve right standing with God.

(b) If the sinner accepts right standing with God by faith in Christ’s sinless life and atoning death, he will then experience transformation in character.

5 (a) We receive right standing with God by faith alone in the blood of Christ.

(b) We receive right standing with God by faith which has become active by love.

6 (a) We achieve right standing with God by having Christ live out His life of obedience in us.

(b) We achieve right standing with God by believing that Christ obeyed the law perfectly for us.

7 (a) We achieve right standing with God by following Christ’s example with the help of the Holy Spirit and His enabling grace.

(b) We follow Christ’s example because faith in His sinless atoning life has already given us right standing with God.

8 (a) God first pronounces that we are good in His sight, then gives us His Spirit to begin to make us good.

(b) God sends His Spirit to make us good, and then He will pronounce that we are good.

9 (a) Christ’s intercession at God’s right hand gives us favor in the sight of God.

(b) It is the indwelling Christ that gives us favor in God’s sight.

10 (a) Only by faith in the doing and dying of Christ can we fully satisfy the claims of the Ten Commandments.

(b) By the power of the Holy Spirit living in us, we can fully satisfy the claims of the Ten Commandments.

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Are You Truly Saved Questionnaire and Table:
Are you truly saved? Details of this question include: How did you get saved? When did you get
saved (this means providing an exact time and experience of the event)? How does your salvation
experience compare with Bible salvation? Are there any elements missing? Are there any elements
added? What was your understanding of God at the time? Did you know that you were heading for
hell? Did you know that if you had died a moment before, you would have gone to hell? Did you
know that you had NEVER been with God, had never been His child before? If you were religious
before this, did you know that your religion was vain, a work of man and/or Satan? Did you know
that you had never served God prior to this, that your prayers had not reached Him because of the
gulf of sin that was between you and God, that you did not have access to God, that you did not
have peace with God, that you were condemned, that you were filthy in His sight, that His wrath was
upon you, that you really were NOT a true believer before this? I know that was a lot of questions,
but they are ESSENTIAL to understanding your spiritual state at the time of your salvation experience.
Why? Because Satan will do everything in his power to keep you from genuine salvation! He
will try to distract you from the things mentioned above by diverting your attention to subtle and distinctly
less important matters. For example, he might have you come to God to try to heal your past,
to try to fix your situation, heal your marriage, fix your life, clean up your act, or get you out of some
trouble, pain, or difficulty that you are facing. NONE OF THESE THINGS WILL BRING YOU TO
SALVATION HOWEVER, not by themselves anyway. You must come as a lost, condemned, hellbound,
and hell-deserving sinner who is literally fleeing the wrath to come, the wrath that is coming
to the entire lost world, which includes you (prior to genuine salvation). You must also understand
that Jesus came to save sinners from their sin. This means that if you turned to Jesus for salvation,
you understood that and wanted to be saved from your sin, i.e., you turned from your rebellion and
sin by God's grace. There are Bible verses that relate to every single question that I asked in this
section. On my site you will find several Bible verses that relate to these questions. If you do not
find every verse that relates, you can always search for them. I will show you how. Okay, if you
have answered those questions (I will provide a form below) that is very good, but the job is still not
done. Those were just the first half of the salvation-experience questions, the ones that pertain to
Now we will consider the salvation-experience questions that pertain to faith: When you experienced
salvation, did you come to God as a lost sinner who knew the things described above AND
who knew that God would only accept you, your person, your prayer and your repentance based on
your faith in the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary? Was Jesus' sacrificial work
on the cross as the payment for your sin debt, as the cleansing of your sinful soul, the freedom from
your bondage to sin and from Satan, the provision of eternal life for you, the vehicle through which
you receive mercy from God, the only means by which you can come to God, and the only source of
your peace with God, the focus of your experience? When I say experience, it's really just repentance
and faith and nothing more. You should NOT have added anything to this. You should NOT
have asked God to save you. You should NOT have asked God for mercy. You should NOT have
asked God to help you. You should NOT have asked God to free you. Why? Because if you are
asking Him to do any of these things for you now, then you are not putting your faith in the fact that
He has ALREADY done all of these things for you through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.
Your faith in Jesus sacrifice for you MUST be your only faith for salvation. You cannot add anything
to it. If you think that there is some other vehicle or mechanism through which God can grant you
those things (salvation, mercy, help, freedom), then you ARE NOT placing your faith in the ONLY
vehicle or mechanism through which you receive all of those things from Him. You see, Jesus sacrifice
on the cross is very powerful. The reason that people do not know this is because their focus
has always been elsewhere; they are looking for grace outside of the cross, and they, therefore, never
receive of its benefits.

The cross is EVERYTHING for you, if you are, indeed, a
Christian, and it became everything to you the day, the
moment, the instant that you got saved because you finally
came TO THE CROSS! You see, you had never
been there before because you had never relied on the
cross alone to save you before. You had relied on other
means of grace, which were not means of grace at all,
but vehicles of further deception. Please look back with
honesty. Please, for your own sake, ask yourself whether
or not the cross was at the very center of your salvation
experience and the ONLY means of grace you
trusted in. Please verify that you DID NOT pray any of the prayers listed above and be convinced
of the reason that they mark a phony salvation experience. Yes, they are the markers of a PHONY
salvation experience for the very reason listed above. I will reiterate it here because this is very important:
If you are asking Him to do any of these things (salvation, grace, mercy, forgiveness, freedom)
for you now, then you are not putting your faith in the fact that He has ALREADY done all of
these things for you through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. Your faith in Jesus sacrifice for
you MUST be your only faith for salvation. You cannot add anything to it. If you think that there is
some other vehicle or mechanism through which God can grant you those things (salvation, mercy,
help, forgiveness, freedom), then you ARE NOT placing your faith in the ONLY vehicle or mechanism
through which you receive all of those things from Him. The work that Jesus did on the cross
to save sinners is complete. Nothing more needs to be done and that work is applied to our souls,
not when we ask for it, but when we trust in that work alone. Why would you be asking if you had
already trusted that Jesus had done it? Clearly, the only reason that you ask for it is because you
have never fully trusted that He has already done it, because then you would no longer be asking
for it, you would be believing on it! Oh, please hear this! Please understand this! Also, please be
certain that in your experience of salvation you were trusting Christ's sacrifice to give you the gift of
eternal life, that you knew at that moment that you HAD eternal life and that nothing could take it
from you, no sin, no error, no temptation, nothing. You must believe on Christ's sacrifice for full salvation
or you are not really trusting in His sacrifice at all.
I am praying for you that you will be HONEST. The devil will try to lie to you and he will try to get
you to lie to yourself about this. He wants you to be deceived, and he wants to keep you from salvation.
Please go through the questions that I asked above, both the repentance and the faith questions
and use those to examine your salvation experience (s). Put the thoughts, faith, prayers, etc from
your experience in the " My experience of salvation" column. Then find Bible verses that relate to
the questions that I asked above, or others in addition to them, in the "What God's Word says about
Salvation" section. (You can add new rows to the table I included below as necessary. Just go to
the top of the Microsoft Word page and click table, then click insert rows (above or below, wherever
you want them). Just make sure that your cursor, where you were clicked with your mouse, is INSIDE
of the table before you try to add new rows or else those options will be grayed out and the
program won't let you do it). Also, you can add new questions about salvation, if you want based on
your experience or the experiences of others. The important thing is that you are going to the Bible
to see what God says about the subject in order to validate your own experience or the experience
of others. They will stand or fall based on the truth of Scripture. If you have any questions about
whether or not you can trust what God's Word says as concrete fact, then you can go to the Bible
section of my site http://www.4gospeltruth.org/the_holy_bible.html and read the articles there.

If you still have doubts, you can do a search on fulfilled Bible prophecies through your Google
search box on the Internet; this will show you all of the perfectly fulfilled prophecies from God's
Word that validate and prove the truthfulness of His Word beyond any reasonable or imaginable
doubt. You really need to believe what He says in the Bible in order to be instructed by it.
You can find Bible verses that relate to the questions that I asked above on my web site (I got all of
those questions from Bible verses that I was thinking of and most of them are on my site). You can
go to the page on repentance: http://www.4gospeltruth.org/godrequiresrepentanceforsalvation.html .
This will help you find a lot of verses about the repentance part of the question. Then you can go to
the page on my site about faith: http://www.4gospeltruth.org/faithchristsacrificesavingfaith.html . You
can use any of these verses or other Bible verses that you know to find other, related, verses by
going to the Treasury of Scripture knowledge:
http://www.blueletterbible.org/study/tsk/tsk.cfm?b=Psa&c=104&v=24&t=KJV (again, I strongly recommend
using the KJV, unless Greek and Hebrew are your native tongues, unless you learned
them from birth). You just put in the verse (John 3:16, for example) into the search box and the entire
chapter that that verse is found in will pop up. Then you scroll down to the verse you want and
click on a box with a K on it. That is the treasury of scripture knowledge box. Once you do that, it
will pop up a new page with a whole list of verses, divided up into different sections that pertain to
the words in your verse. So, John 3:16 treasury of scripture knowledge might include verses that
relate to the word God so loved, or the world, or gave His only Son, etc. Each would have its own
list of verses. It is a very powerful resource for finding Bible verses on a certain topic. You will have
no problem finding related verses pertaining to the questions I asked as part of this question, if you
use the verses from my site and search for related verses using the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
or your own recollection of related verses, of course (at least I am pretty sure that this is true
because I put in a lot of verses related to each of these topics and they should yield a big result to
make this easier).
Salvation Questionnaire Table:
My Experience of Salvation What the Bible Teaches About Salvation
Example: I got down on my knees and
Example: Did anyone in the New Testament
need to pray a prayer to get saved? You’ll
need to look that up

01-18-2012, 11:57 PM
For each statement, mark on the Answer Sheet to what extent it is true of your life:
MUCH = 3, SOME = 2, LITTLE = 1, or NOT AT ALL = 0.
1. I have a desire to speak direct messages from God that edify, exhort or comfort others.
2. I have enjoyed relating to a certain group of people over a long period of time, sharing
personally in their successes and their failures.
3. People have told me that I have helped them learn biblical truth in meaningful ways.
4. I have applied spiritual truth effectively to situations in my own life.
5. Others have told me I have helped them distinguish key and important facts of
6. 1 have verbally encouraged the wavering, the troubled or the discouraged.
7. Others in the church have noted that I have been able to see through phoniness before
it was evident to other people.
8. I find I manage money well in order to give liberally to the Lord's work.
9. I have assisted Christian leaders to relieve them for their essential job.
10. I have a desire to work with those who have physical or mental problems, to alleviate
their suffering.
11. I feel comfortable relating to ethnics and minorities, and they seem to accept me.
12. 1 have led others to a decision for salvation through faith in Christ.
13. My home is always open to people passing through who need a place to stay.
14. When in a group, I am the one others often look to for vision and direction.
I S. When I speak, people seem to listen and agree.
16. When a group I am in is lacking organization, I tend to step in to fill the gap.
17. Others can point to specific instances where my prayers have resulted in visible
18. In the name of the Lord, I have been used in curing diseases instantaneously.
19. I have spoken in tongues.
20. Sometimes when a person speaks in tongues, I get an idea about what God is saying.
21. I could live more comfortably, but I choose not to in order to live with the poor.
22. I am single and enjoy it.
23. I spend at least an hour a day in prayer.
24. I have spoken to evil spirits and they have obeyed me.
25. I enjoy being called upon to do special jobs around the church.
26. Through God I have revealed specific things that will happen in the future.
27. I have enjoyed assuming the responsibility for the spiritual well-being of a particular
group of Christians.
28. I feel I can explain the New Testament teaching about the health and ministry of the
Body of Christ in a relevant way.
29. I can intuitively arrive at solutions to fairly complicated problems.
30. I have had insights of spiritual truth that others have said helped bring them closer to
31. I can effectively motivate people to get involved in ministry when it is needed.
32. I can "see" the Spirit of God resting on certain people from time to time.
33. My giving records show that I give considerably more than 10 percent of my income
to the Lord's work.
34. Other people have told me that I have helped them become more effective in their
35. I have cared for others when they have had material or physical needs.
36. I feel I could learn another language well in order to minister to those in a different
37. I have shared joyfully how Christ has brought me to Himself in a way that is
meaningful to non-believers.
38. I enjoy taking charge of church suppers or social events.
39. I have believed God for the impossible and seen it happen in a tangible way.
40. Other Christians have followed my leadership because they believed in me.
41. 1 enjoy handling the details of organizing ideas, people, resources and time for more
effective ministry.
42. God has used me personally to perform supernatural signs and wonders.
43. I enjoy praying for sick people because I know that many of them will be healed as a
44. I have spoken an immediate message of God to His people in a language I have never
45. I have interpreted tongues with the result that the Body of Christ was edified,
exhorted or comforted.
46. Living a simple lifestyle is an exciting challenge for me.
47. Other people have noted that I feel more indifferent about not being married than
48. When I hear a prayer request, I pray for that need for several days at least.
49. I have actually heard a demon speak in a loud voice.
50. I don't have many special skills, but I do what needs to be done around the church.
51. People have told me that I have communicated timely and urgent messages that must
have come directly from the Lord.
52. I feel unafraid of giving spiritual guidance and direction in a group of Christians.
53. I can devote considerable time to learning new biblical truths in order to
communicate them to others.
54. When a person has a problem I can frequently guide him or her to the best biblical
55. Through study or experience I have discerned major strategies or techniques God
seems to use in furthering His kingdom.
56. People have come to me in their afflictions or suffering, and told me that they have
been helped, relieved and healed.
57. I can tell with a fairly high degree of assurance when a person is afflicted by an evil
58. When I am moved by an appeal to give to God's work, I usually can find the money I
need to do it.
59. I have enjoyed doing routine tasks that have led to more effective ministry by others.
60. I enjoy visiting in hospitals and/or retirement homes, and feel I do well in such a
61. People of a different race or culture have been attracted to me, and we have related
62. Non-Christians have noted that they feel comfortable when they are around me, and
that I have a positive effect on them toward developing a faith in Christ.
63. When people come to our home, they indicate that they "feel at home" with us.
64. Other people have told me that I had faith to accomplish what seemed impossible to
65. When I set goals, others seem to accept them readily.
66. I have been able to make effective and efficient plans for accomplishing the goals of a
67. God regularly seems to do impossible things through my life.
68. Others have told me that God healed them of emotional problems when I ministered
to them.
69. I can speak to God in a language I have never learned.
70. I have prayed that I may interpret if someone begins speaking in tongues.
71. I am not poor, but I can identify with poor people.
72. I am glad I have more time to serve the Lord because I am single.
73. Intercessory prayer is one of my favorite ways of spending time.
74. Others call on me when they suspect that someone is demonized.
75. Others have mentioned that I seem to enjoy routine tasks and do well at them.
76. I sometimes have a strong sense of what God wants to say to people in response to
particular situations.
77. I have helped fellow believers by guiding them to relevant portions of the Bible and
praying with them.
78. I feel I can communicate biblical truths to others and see resulting changes in
knowledge, attitudes, values or conduct.
79. Some people indicate that I have perceived and applied biblical truth to the specific
needs of fellow believers.
80. I study and read quite a bit in order to learn new biblical truths.
81. I have a desire to effectively counsel the perplexed, the guilty or the addicted.
82. I can recognize whether a person's teaching is from God, from Satan, or of human
83. I am so confident that God will meet my needs that I give to Him sacrificially and
84. When I do things behind the scenes and others are helped, I am joyful.
85. People call on me to help those who are less fortunate.
86. I would be willing to leave comfortable surroundings if it would enable me to share
Christ with more people.
87. I get frustrated when others don't seem to share their faith with unbelievers as much
as I do.
88. Others have mentioned to me that I am a very hospitable person.
89. There have been times when I have felt sure I knew God's specific will for the future
growth of His work, even when others have not been so sure.
90. When I join a group, others seem to back off and expect me to take the leadership.
91. I am able to give directions to others without using persuasion to get them to
accomplish tasks.
92. People have told me that I was God's instrument which brought supernatural change
in lives or circumstances.
93. I have prayed for others and physical healing has actually occurred.
94. When I give a public message in tongues, I expect it to be interpreted.
95. I have interpreted tongues in a way that seemed to bless others.
96. Others tell me I sacrifice much materially in order to minister.
97. I am single and have little difficulty controlling my sexual desires.
98. Others have told me that my prayers for them have been answered in tangible ways.
99. Other people have been instantly delivered from demonic oppression when I have
100. I prefer being active and doing something rather than just sitting around talking,
reading or listening to a speaker.
101. I sometimes feel that I know exactly what God wants to do in ministry at a specific
point in time.
102. People have told me that I have helped them be restored to the Christian community.
103. Studying the Bible and sharing my insights with others is very satisfying for me.
104. I have felt an unusual presence of God and personal confidence when important
decisions needed to be made.
105. I have the ability to discover new truths for myself through reading or observing
situations firsthand.
106. I have urged others to seek biblical solutions to their affliction or suffering.
107. I can tell whether a person speaking in tongues is genuine.
108. I have been willing to maintain a lower standard of living in order to benefit God's
109. When I serve the Lord, I really don't care who gets the credit.
110. I would enjoy spending time with a lonely, shut-in person or someone in prison.
111. More than most, I have had a strong desire to see peoples of other countries won to
the Lord.
112. I am attracted to non-believers because of my desire to win them to Christ.
113. I have desired to make my home available to those in the Lord's service whenever
114. Others have told me that I am a person of unusual vision, and I agree.
115. When I am in charge, things seem to run smoothly.
116. I have enjoyed bearing the responsibility for the success of a particular task within
my church.
117. In the name of the Lord, I have been able to recover sight to the blind.
118. When I pray for the sick, either I or they feel sensations of tingling or warmth.
119. When I speak in tongues, I believe it is edifying to the Lord's Body.
120. I have interpreted tongues in such a way that the message appeared to be directly
from God.
121. Poor people accept me because I choose to live on their level.
122. I readily identify with Paul's desire for others to be single as he was.
123. When I pray, God frequently speaks to me, and I recognize His voice.
124. I cast out demons in Jesus' name.
125. I respond cheerfully when asked to do a job, even if it seems menial.