View Full Version : Saturday at Billy Weir's

09-28-2002, 08:41 PM
Man do I love that place. The tables are so tight that it makes you play to a higher level. Rackmup, Ward and I played a little captains game (one hole, of course), it would be rude for me to disclose to the whole ccb world how it came out, after all I have Rackmup's ego to deal with. Now I will state that after Ward left, the game changed to that silly game (9 ball) and I proved to be way too much for our 9 ball champion to deal with. After 7 hours at the table we called it a night and drove our 26.2 miles back to Arlington but have already made our plans to return, Now some will ask, how can Ken take all this pain? Maybe he'll ask for the breaks again.

09-29-2002, 09:40 PM
What my good friend obviously forgot to mention was, going into Saturday, he held a slim 4 game lead over me (we play for a friendly $5. per game but NO money ever actually changes hands.)

First we played some Captain's One-Pocket with Ward. After Ward left, Les (OnePocketChamp) decided he wanted to play some nineball. Yes...it's true. He flat beat me. Bad. I was now down 9 games (or $45.00 vs. the $20.00 I was down at the beginning of the day.)

I asked if we could play some One-Pocket. He grinned like the Cheshire Cat and replied "Sure...9-7 okay with you?" I politely replied "Yes Sir" (I call Les "Sir" because he is so much older than me.) Now remember...Les is a "One Pocket Player EXTRAORDINAIRE".

We played for about another three hours for a total of little over 7 hours. Les finished the day 5 games up on me. Yes, that's right...1 game more than when the day started.

Remember...he beat me at my game (9-ball) badly (up a total of 9 games!) With us finishing up the day playing his game and him only gaining one more win than he started the day with; what does that tell you?

I'll let you do the math.


Ken (getting much better at 1-hole)