03-14-2012, 05:35 AM
This tale of woe is, in a nutshell, what is wrong with this current regime.

Also, to shut down the Obamanation from claims of they all do what I am about to describe ... they all don't and none of them have in the past.

Wright Patterson AFB sits just outside Dayton, Ohio. Ohio Route 4 is 4 lanes between I-75 and the base because of the massive flow of rush hour traffic to and from the base. Ohio Rte 4 also intersects with US-35 ... which is also 4 lanes in this section to accommodate the traffic between the base and the eastern suburbs.

I have lived here since 1977. For 6.5 years my office overlooked the main runway at WPAFB. I have seen Air Force One come in and out countless times. Being that WPAFB is a convenient refueling and service base for AF-1 and it's central location in the US ... seeing the POTUS come and go is a quite common thing here.

I have seen Carter, Reagan, Bush I and II, Clinton and now Obama come and go. Speaking at WPAFB and the local area is certainly common for a sitting POTUS.

In all prior instances, if the POTUS is to make a local off base appearance there are several manners in which it has been handled. The most common is to move the motorcade with an Ohio State Police escort and the Secret Service in a caravan during non rush hour.

The second manner is to use a helicopter if the appearance must be made during rush hour.

That is not what happened yesterday.

First off, the POTUS was in town for the sole purpose of watching a basketball game. This in and of itself is IMHO completely wasteful of taxpayer money. But, that is a small thing compared to the rest of the story.

The POTUS did not wish to arrive early, so he arrived at WPAFB in the middle of rush hour traffic.

Ohio Rte 4 was closed down entirely for some time before his arrival ... inconveniencing tens of thousands of taxpayers. The motorcade could have taken Ohio Rte 4 to I-75 direct ... but that would have delayed the POTUS for a couple of extra minutes, so the took Ohio Rte 4 to US-35 to I-75. Ths caused US-35 top also be shut down in anticipation of the POTUS.

Then, to the detriment of all, I-75 ... the most travelled roadway in America ... was shut down as well so the POTUS could travel 1 exit south on I-75 to University of Dayton Arena.

Millions of citizens were delayed. Millions of tons of freight were delayed. Millions of additional gallons of fuel were consumed. Traffic was backed up for miles and miles. Side roads were a parking lot.

All so the POTUS could watch a basketball game, and not be inconvenienced in doing so.

I finally understand what Obama meant when he said he was ready to rule on day one.

03-14-2012, 10:13 AM
Waaah! Waaah! OMG!

I guess you've been lucky there in the past. We commonly have either I-95 or the Ronald Reagan Turnpike (sometimes both) shut down when presidents arrive for appearing down here, and that has often included rush hour closings.

As you may not understand, all such arrangements are done by the SS with security as their guideline. "A' helicopter would not hold enough SS men to have adequate security in a basketball arena (as opposed to the very much smaller venues a president typically appears at). Extra time spent unnecessarily there is at additional security risk for no reason.

Unless you can address why there are no such security concerns, you are left with the original complaint, that Obama shouldn't go to b-ball games. Which is arguable, but petty, in my view.

03-15-2012, 02:39 AM
Nope, we weren't lucky at all ... we merely never had a dear leader before.

As I suspected ... you are proud to be ruled.

03-15-2012, 11:01 AM
How many times of however you experienced POTUS trips to that region was he accompanied by another head of government, as Obama was in this case?

Question: do you think security arrangements might be a little tighter under that circumstance? And involve more personnel? At a public venue with tens of thousands of people and dozens of entrances to the game floor?

The tell-tale remark from you on this is that THIS, in a nutshell, shows his worst trait. So it's personal with you, and irrational.

How DARE (this/a) president inconvenience the people in ways they find questionable? Who don't know squat about security?

Perhaps we should have states take votes on what kinds of security may be afforded the POTUS. Or decide in the national election which, if any, of the accouterments of the office the POTUS be allowed to use, depending on how people feel about him or her?

To take it to your level, that of course, presidents tie up traffic, routinely, however minimized it may be at times, but THIS!! CROSSES!! THE!! LINE!!, is absurd.

It's not 'being ruled' to have the POTUS provided with adequate security measures as determined by his professionals. It's not being arrogant for him to do things that require security, because all the things he does require it.

Your complaint even acknowledges that fact, that others have done these things, and tied up the main thoroughfares, but it's how this guy did TOO MUCH of it???

And, oh, he was tieing up a million or millions of people, even thought the entire metropolitan area around Dayton has about 850,000 total residents? Apparently, everyone had guests in from elsewhere, and they all hit the streets at exactly these times? Irrational, and personal, as I said.