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09-29-2002, 12:10 PM
Day two,of the NJ 9-ball State Championship, began this morning! It was a 44 player field-
One loss bracket
Vivian Villareal vs. Cathy Bello
Helena Thornfeldt vs. Liz Schwartzreich

Winners bracket-
Line vs.H. Huang
Kelly Oyama vs. Jeanette Lee

The final six:one loss bracket
Kelly Oyama vs. Helena Thornfeldt
Vivian Villareal vs. H.Huang

Winners bracket
Jeanette Lee vs. Line
Congratulations to H.Huang-she is the qualifier winner!The tournament is still going on at this time-
A standing ovation goes out to Rich and Mary Sacco, the gracious hosts and owners of Castle Billiards, for the OUTSTANDING job in putting this tournament and charity event together!
Friday evening was fantastic-trays and trays of food,open bar and pool-who could ask for anything more!:)
As for myself, I won my first two rounds, then drew Jeanette-Jeanette knocked me into the losers bracket and I drew Helena-she knocked me out! ha ha ha-NEXT! My placing, 17th-24th!It was a WONDERFUL weekend and event and plans have already begun for next years ,which will be the 10th anniversary,bigger and better-ask me how-Just leave it up to Rich-HE IS the man!
Cant Wait!
Carol:)~hoping some of you may be able to make it!
Also,Oct 2-6th is the WPBA pro event at the Amsterdam!

09-30-2002, 06:32 AM
anyone know the final outcome? No info at AZ=(