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04-07-2012, 11:08 AM
Not voters' votes, the LEGISLATORS' votes.

This is a new record level of abuse of power, and just a taste of what to expect with the ALEC influenced GOP legislatures around the country.

The Michigan Constitution says all bills shall take effect 90 days after the end of the session in which they were passed. (This was done under the advice of a blue ribbon committee headed up by George Romney, prior to when he became the governor.)

An allowance is provided that, if the new law should take effect immediately, a separate vote to that end must achieve a 2/3rds majority of those present and voting in the legislature body.

Of some 560 laws passed out of the Michigan House since January 2011, something upwards of 530 have been put into immediate effect, as if they all were emergencies. An odd way to run things, one would think, as it creates uncertainties and problems for the citizenry, to have to know and obey SO MANY NEW LAWS immediately, so one would think it would have to be some genuine urgency involved with these laws (and it would be done in a small percentage of the cases only).

However, the GOP is not getting a 2/3rds vote for these measures-- just CLAIMING they have them, on basically voice votes or having the sides stand for a visual approximation.

Typically, the Democrats oppose the original passage at a greater than 1/3rd of the body level, requiring that some who opposed the bill with their vote nonetheless then turned around to say, sure, put it in effect immediately. The Dems have called BS on this, and have tried to get the GOP in charge of the body to get a real vote, on the record, by a roll call vote. The GOP has refused, preferring to simply continue to roll the state legal system in a cynical way, because they can.

Now it's in the courts, where the GOP answer to the court is, 'you have no jurisdiction, it's a separation of powers issue, and this is how it's always been done.'

Shameful. Shocking. Radical. Anti- and Un-American. Fascistic, even. As Al Jolson used to say, and as BTO confirms, 'you ain't seen nothing yet!'

Link to Rachel Maddow's segment on this (http://video.msnbc.msn.com/the-rachel-maddow-show/46973330#46973330)

04-07-2012, 06:06 PM
Looking around some, I've found the claim that Granholm and the Democrats when they were in power put through legislation with the same 'instant on' feature, close to the same amount of the time (95%+). However, I have found no complaint yet, even an unconfirmed complaint, that they ever did so without actually having the 2/3rds vote in hand.

04-08-2012, 01:41 AM
Amazing but not surprising. [ Loved the way the guy counted 73 votes is 2 secs that they didn't have! ]

Also, if you pass 560 pieces of legislation in a year, how much time was there for debate?

This all a part of Dominionism in action. When the end justifies the means, they will break any law to achieve their ends and believe they were right in doing so. The have utter contempt for Democracy.

....and they call Obama a dictator!


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04-08-2012, 11:07 AM
What they say the Dems are doing is what they are doing, over and over again.

In Wisconsin they couldn't be bothered to follow the sunshine rules on voting, or to honor the delay required for providing notice that a vote was to occur.

They are rushing through the agenda, including laying the groundwork to destroy the unions as an opponent, including suppressing the Dem vote, etc., all as immediately in place laws, unlawfully.

It's brute force, unprincipled power grabbing and suppression, and amounts to an attempted coup d'etat. They hope by the time anyone figures it out, they will have put in place some firewalls and structural changes that will serve to blunt the combined effect of the demographic changes favoring the Dems, and the movement of the 99% in OWS.

Going back, we saw the same thing with Tom 'The Hammer' Delay's unprecedented redistricting in Texas mid-census, to assure GOP majorities in their legislatural bodies.

One question is whether this is out of strength and boldness, unleashing their inner facists, or out of panic and weakness, in a desperate rear-guard action. Might be either one, I think.