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04-07-2012, 06:55 PM
Ambitious Governor Manages to Crap on Women’s Rights, Health Care & Sex Ed in a Single Day
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Thursdays are always a conundrum; not close enough to the weekend to justify going all out, but not close enough to the beginning of the week to feel like hunkering down and nesting. But if you're Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, you solved this week's Thursday Problem by spending the day signing a truly shitty quartet of bills into law and then trying to walk away whistling with your hands in your pockets like we wouldn't notice.

Determined to turn Wisconsin into a colder, milk-producing Arizona, Tea Party puppet Walker signed four new bills into law on Thursday, but didn't announce that they'd been signed until today as we're headed into a nice mind-erasing weekend. Senate Bill 202 repeals Wisconsin's equal pay law, effectively making it more difficult and expensive to women who are being discriminated against by their employers to file suit against them. Senate Bill 237 repeals the state's comprehensive sex education law, replacing it with a curriculum that stresses abstinence over medically accurate information about, uh, sex. Senate Bill 306 further restricts abortion and adds criminal penalties to doctors in the state. And Senate Bill 92 bans private insurance coverage of abortion. (<u>Government interference in private business? So much for that whole "let businesses be free to do whatever they want so help me God bless America capitalism Adam Smith no regulations" mantra of the Tea Party</u>.)

To add insult to injury, Walker didn't even have the balls to back up the move with a public appearance, or even a public statement on the matter. In fact, no one from his office has commented .

Walker's stint as Governor has been characterized by widespread unpopularity, a huge-ass protest that lasted for several days last winter, and calls for his removal from office. A recent campaign to launch a recall election against him was successful, garnering nearly twice the number of required signatures necessary. On June 5th, the kindly but enraged hordes of voters in the state will decide his political fate.

And now, his f**kery is playing in the Presidential election, as just this side of a week ago, Romney was gladhanding his way through America's Dairyland, complimenting Walker on his leadership and calling him a hero. The Obama campaign has called on Romney to comment on this latest move, which puts Romney in an awkward position: does he say he supports Walker and further paint himself as a He Man Woman Hater who wants to roll back equal pay and meddle in private insurance? Or does he repudiate Walker and alienate an important Midwestern ally?

It must be nice to be a Democratic strategist these days. You just sit back and wait for a Republican to do something really awful, and then write a press release that essentially reads, "OMG, read about this f***ing awful thing? Messed up, right? Vote for Not This Guy."

Gayle in MD
04-11-2012, 01:35 PM
And he's just the tip of the Republican War On Women.

The Republican Majority, after whining about Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, spent their time pushing through or working on 1,100 proposals which seek to weaken the laws against rape, and/or prevent equal pay for equal work, and remove women's rights to birth control, and the Constitutionally legal right to control their own bodies.

Additionally, Republican Governors across this country have pushed another over 900 laws and proposals to prevent women from accessing birth control, and in Arizona, they have even passed a bill, (I believe it passed yesterday, if I am not mistaken) giving a Doctor the right to lie to his pregnant women patients about their own health, and/or the viability of the fetus she carries, in order to block her from her own medical information, if that information might, in his opinion, lead to that woman having enough information that she might consider getting an abortion, to save her own life, AND, they may lie to her, without fear of being sued by the women to whom they lie!!!!

This is absolutely outrageous and unconstitutial, yet we won't hear misogynistic men from the right calling this gross action what it is, a gross obstruction of justice, and a gross overreach into a woman's personal life, for the purpose of denying women their Constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness.

Yet, with all of this proof of the misogynistic Republican War On Women's rights, Republican Misogynist, Reince the jerk, has the colossal nerve to deny there is any War on Women, comparing them to a mindless insect, as he spews another obvious LIE, and gross misinterpretation of their own actions, the one and only thing that Republicans can do naturally.

I am so glad that women are waking up to the facts regarding the lengths that RW Radical Republican Misogynists, and Religious zealots, are willing to go in order to remove women's rights, control their lives, and deny them a protected relationship between themselves and their doctors, and to destroy their lawful Constitutional rights.

If this isn't gross Government interference into personal, private decisions and protections, and completely illegal, unconstitutional activity, and obstruction of Justice, then what IS?

This is the first election that I know of, when the Republican Party has exposed their hidden, evil agenda publically, before the election.

I am gratified to know that women across this country, are leaving the Republican Party, as well they should, and that women are far more likely to vote for president Obama, than a Republican.

Gayle in MD.