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09-30-2002, 04:02 PM
First of all, I wanted to say it was absolutely great meeting & playing a few of the CCb'ers. (Chris, shame on you for not meeting us.) I had a great time & greatly look forward to next year. Now, for some observations:
* Installing a shot clock halfway through the match of the finals at weeks end was a poor idea. I realize that live TV dictated the call, but other sports have overtime...why hassle the players who have shot great all week into playing speed pool. (I agree Ralf plays too slow...so don't go there). Anyone who watched the final could see a significant drop in the level of play after the shot clock was instituted.
* Whomever were the jerks with their cell phones turned on, I hope you never come back. You obviously can't follow instructions.
* I think Barry did a great job with what he had. The best way to measure customer satisfaction is to monitor repeat business...& Barry, I'll be back.
* Having said that, I sure would've like to have seen Efren, Jeremy, Francisco, the Japanese players, Mika, Niels, etc...thanks for nuthin Charlie...
* Grady, I will miss your commentary on the Accu-stat tapes, but...why act like a child about the situation. There will always be times in life where I won't be picked to "play"...but you won't see me whine about it...I will strive to improve those things that might get me there next time.
* Speaking of whining, how would you like to see a match between Earl & Reed Pierce...ouch
* Even though Ralf won, Pags really does have the heart of a lion.
* I was sitting between 2 Earl railbirds & they got soooooo drunk, they were cheering for Earl during the FINALS. "Come on Earl...get'um Earl...chalk it up Earl...hehehe. I guess they didn't notice that Earl didn't make the finals.
* To the guys that supply instructional tapes. Thanks for a job well done, but it's time to switch to DVD...if you build it, they (cstmrs) will come
* Did anyone else notice you had to hold your breath for 15 feet after you were OUTSIDE the arena.
* Cheaper hotels were readily available other than the 2 that were suggested. Just FYI for those who didn't come due to tha budget.
* I will preface the next statement by saying that I'm not yet a parent. I think the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Kid was overrated. Run a rack without rail guiders & I will be impressed.
* Finally, thanks to Barry, Brady, and all the other people who made the weekend possible.
Now let me see if I can knock the dust off of my case...

Tha Cuemage