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05-01-2012, 01:47 AM
Right-Wing Radio Host Compares Contraception Mandate To Terrorists Forcing You To Kill Your Family (VIDEO)
April 30, 2012
By Stephen D. Foster Jr.
Addicting Info (http://www.addictinginfo.org/2012/04/30/right-wing-radio-host-compares-contraception-mandate-to-terrorists-forcing-you-to-kill-your-family-video/)

It’s no secret that conservatives hate contraception and the contraception mandate enacted by President Obama, but when a conservative compares contraception to Islamic terrorism, they’ve gone way too far.

That’s exactly what right-wing radio host Matt Barber did on Liberty Council’s ‘Faith and Freedom’ radio show on Monday. During the segment, Barber called President Obama a tyrant and said that requiring insurance companies to provide contraception to women is akin to an Islamic terrorist forcing you to kill family members.

BARBER: “This is much more than just a violation of conscience. What’s analogous to this is we know that one of the tactics of Muslim terrorists is that they will go into a village – we have seen it in the Sudan and elsewhere – they will take individuals, they will hold a gun or a machete to them and say, ‘See that family member of yours, that uncle, that individual, you must kill them or I am going to kill the rest of your family.’ This mandate does that. It says to the Catholic bishop, it says to the individual Christian, ‘You have no choice, you must embrace our post-modern, secularist worldview that says that life is meaningless and the unborn child has no value and you must become complicit in abortion homicide, you must fund, underwrite that slaughter of innocent human beings or you will be penalized under the full weight of government.’ That is no different than the Muslim terrorist going into the village, holding the gun to your head and saying, “Kill your family member or you will suffer the full weight of our tyranny.’ This is all tyranny; this president is engaging in tyranny.”

Here’s the video: Video (http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/04/30/radio-host-contraception-mandate-like-muslims-forcing-you-to-kill-your-family/)

This kind of rhetoric should be completely unacceptable in America. Barber is essentially saying that giving women more access to contraception is comparable to a terrorist attack such as 9/11. This makes Matt Barber a more disgusting radio host than Rush Limbaugh.

President Obama is not an Islamic terrorist nor is he a tyrant. He’s not forcing anybody to kill their family either. His contraception policy isn’t any different than the one put forward by George W. Bush. The rule doesn’t apply to the Catholic Church itself, it applies to their insurance companies, which must offer contraception free of charge. In other words, the Catholic Church isn’t required to cover birth control, the insurance company provides that themselves at no cost. This gives the Catholic Church exemption without taking contraception access away from female employees of Catholic organizations. And women are not being forced to use contraception either. They only have more access to make that choice. What Barber and the Church really object to is that contraception is being offered to women at all. If they had their way, contraception would be totally banned in America.

It’s despicable that the right-wing is sinking to such a low to compare contraception to terrorism. But that’s how desperate they are to win their war against women and keep their patriarchal power structure.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">It’s no secret that conservatives hate contraception and the contraception mandate enacted by President Obama</div></div>When these people start their article out with the first sentence being this far from the truth what exactly is the incentive to continue reading? Just to see how dumb the author really is?