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A Health Care Success Story
The Bernie Buzz--News from the US Senate
Bernie Buzz (http://sanders.enews.senate.gov/mail/util.cfm?gpiv=2100087910.114566.264&gen=1)

At a time when 50 million Americans lack health insurance and when Americans spend almost twice as much per capita on health care as people in any other nation, there is some good news regarding health care in America. We are making significant progress in expanding primary health care.A dramatic expansion of community health centers got a big boost on Wednesday with the release of $728 million to build or refurbish 398 centers across the United States. It was Bernie’s provision in the 2010 Affordable Care Act that authorized $11 billion for health centers. The goal is to provide primary health care for 40 million Americans, twice as many as today, regardless of their ability to pay. Vermont has been a leader with health centers providing primary care, dental care, low-cost prescription drugs and mental health counseling for 110,000 people, more per capita than any other state.

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