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10-01-2002, 05:31 PM
It is time for my yearly post....

My little town of 65,000 people (yes it has increased 11,000 from last year)
still does not have a pool hall. And I bet you can't start one here. /ccboard/images/icons/smile.gif I
personally don't want to own a pool hall, but would like a nice
establishment to play in. Can you imagine starting a pool hall in a city
full of latchkey kids with no competition? I can do most of the leg work for
you, as in finding locations, contacts, etc. And to pay off my debt of
losing the bet if you do start one I will run your tournaments.

Or if you want you can do the leg work yourself. The town is called Tracy
California. It is located equally between 3 other cities (Stockton, Modesto,
and Livermore) that have well over 85,000 people in each. The phone number
for the Chamber of Commerce is 209-835-2131 or if you would like to find out
about my town goto www.tracychamber.org (http://www.tracychamber.org)

Chris Cass
10-01-2002, 05:44 PM

Thanks for the info. That sounds like a great suggestion. For me personally, I'd have to own one in Vegas next to RIP' house or near. That way he could visit with me everyday and keep those pesky Scorpions out. Did I mention the wedding chapel? Pool Hall/ Wedding Chapel yep, that's for me. When they say,"Pass the rings", of course they'll be joint rings. LOL