View Full Version : Driving in rainy Weather

05-29-2012, 06:56 AM
Improve visibility, turn on your lights and defroster. NJ law requires your headlights to be on when your wipers are on.

Avoid sudden moves, try to drive in the tracks of the car ahead, reduce your speed, allow for additional stopping distance.

Hydroplaning occurs when the tires of your car lose contact with the road and ride up on a wedge of water. Make sure your tires have proper treads and are properly inflated. If you do hydroplane, keep the steering wheel straight, take your foot off the gas. Don't hit your brakes or try to steer. As you slow, the weight of the car will cause it to settle down onto the road again.

Be very cautious in light rain or mist. Oil and dirt on the roadway surface make driving extra slippery.

Remember, puddles can hide potentially damaging potholes.