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10-02-2002, 09:30 AM
Hi All,

The CCB tournament was great but that doesn't mean we can't improve on it over time. I have a suggestion and I thought others might as well, so feel free to chime in on this thread.

I suggest we consider having some other format than double elimination (DE). The goal, I think, of these tourneys is mainly social - to meet and get to know other CCB'ers, with a competitive element added to spice it up. However, IMHO, DE is not the ideal format for this. For example, CCB'ers who lost their first two matches only got to play against two other CCB'ers. Their playing participation was over in an hour or two, and some left fairly early and we missed a chance to get to know them. On the other end, those that won all of their early matches ended up sitting for LONG periods of time while the one-loss side was worked through.

Ideally, all of us would get to play a number of other CCB'ers and play roughly an equal number of matches. If it could be worked out a round robin format would be ideal for this. For example, if there were 22 CCB'ers (as there were this time) we could split into 2 groups of 11. In each of these groups, each player could play the other 10 players in his/her group two games each. Standings would be based on total number of games won after the round robin was over. The top two finishers in each group could then enter a semifinal single-elimination playoff for the rest to watch and cheer and heckle as the spirit moves them.

I think the advantages of such a format are: everyone gets to play a similar number of games, everyone gets to play quite a few other CCB'ers, everyone will stay at least until the final playoffs, and finally, the playoffs might have some real excitement since there will be a good CCB crowd still around to watch. Maybe we could even get a friendly wager going (for drinks or something) between the two groups on whose representative would win the playoffs.

What do you think?

10-02-2002, 09:35 AM
Excellent suggestion

10-02-2002, 09:38 AM
Blind Draw Partners.. this gets 4 CCBers at the same table.

Plus it eliminates any chance for a ringer.. to take it all..

10-02-2002, 09:46 AM
Sounds good, Ross. Maybe we can try a twist- A round robin, Scotch doubles format?

Eric >you don't have to drink Scotch to play

10-02-2002, 10:02 AM
I could sure go for that Tom, but since it's blind draw i'd rather see it real doubles instead of that there Scotch doubles crap, that ain't pool! LOL St

10-02-2002, 11:02 AM
The idea of a doubles round-robin is interesting. It could be scotch or not, depending on the majority preference. But if such a format was chosen, it might be a good idea to work out a scheme to rotate partners frequently. Some CCB'ers mix like oil and water, so you wouldn't want to risk "marrying" them for the entire tourney. Plus rotating partners would mean even more chances to meet other CCB'ers. And for the more competitive CCB'ers who might care about such things, rotating partners would ensure a more level playing field, since no one would be permanently paired with a stronger or weaker player.

10-02-2002, 11:36 AM
Personally I like the round robin format. I think it would encourage more participation in local events because you would not be faced with the two and out situation.

I recently mailed a recommendation to the WPBA for a 64 player field using a round robin format.
It would work with a smaller field also.
Brief summary is as follows:

Field is broken into groups of 4 players round robin races to five. Ties are broken first by head to head competition, then games lost, then games won. The top two advance to a double elimination race to seven format.

The other two players from the round robin move on to a second chance tournament single elimination race to five format.

If anyone is interested in the detailed description of this format I would be happy to email to you.

P.S. If anyone is interested in trying to put together a CCB tournament in the Midwest I would be happy to assist.

Brian in VA
10-02-2002, 11:57 AM
I think that's a great suggestion. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this was my first trip to the Open and, with only one day there, I wanted to see all that I could especially after getting knocked out of the CCB tournament by lunch! (Ross, I did warm up with you for a few minutes but that table 22 was such a dog compared to the rest of them, wasn't it? I'm not gonna blame my poor showing on it though. Yeah right!)
Next year, I'll make sure it's more than one day and take an opportunity to meet all of you. I wanted to make dinner Friday nite but couldn't. A round robin event would certainly help, no matter whether it's doubles or singles.