View Full Version : The 3 Years To turn It Around Argument Is Absurd

Gayle in MD
06-12-2012, 08:43 AM
Are there enough stupid people in this country to buy this argument, when one considers what this president inherited?

Throughout it all, corporations have been making profits through the roof, and banks have been refusing to lend money!

While there is no question, the Middle Class have been struggling since W. took office?

Actually, they have been losing ground since Reagan, with a brief reprieve during the Clinton Administration.

We must raise taxes to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure all over this country, and raise taxes on the wealthy, AND on corporations, by removing loopholes, and making them pay their fair share!

2005 was the last major highway Bill!!!!

Repiglicans have obstructed any tax raises for the corporations or for the wealthy, and blocked every single investment in a recovery.

How does GDP grow, without investing in jobs, instead of axing them.

How does economy grow, without American Middle Class consumers spending?

How does it grow without raising taxes and agreeing to a compromise in creating investment policies which have always been the way to bring this couuntry out of a severe recession?

Reagan and Bush one, both raised taxes. No president can escape stagnation, or grow an economy, while dealing with a "No Raising taxes" or more trickle down, BS philosophy.

The only way out of this mess, is to get rid of as many Repiglicans as possible, so that we can adopt fully the President's plans to raise taxes, invest in education, rebuild the infrastructure, invest in maintaing public sector jobs, keep consumer spending alive, continue to avoid any ground wars, and by seriously, finally, addressing our dangerous and growing threats due to climate change, gowing health problems due to the polluting energy pigs, and addressing our debts, with long range policies kicking in as the economy recovers.

Romney will not do any of that! His history as governor, and in the public sector proves that! If he had not been a job destroyer, he would have his statistics all over the place, instead of hiding everything, including his tax history. We know the mess he made in Mass. as governor, no matter how much he tries to lie about it, it's documented.

So if anyone knows how to grow out of a recession, by axing jobs, cutting out spending, which means failing to invest, refusing to increase revenues, and wasting trillions in tax breaks, for corporations that don't pay taxes, and don't create jobs here in this country, but instead, keep on throwing more Americans out of work, like Repulican governos havve been doing, and like Mitt Romney did to make his multi-millions, I'd like to hear the plan!