View Full Version : Issa is A PR**K!

Gayle in MD
06-12-2012, 10:53 AM
Has anyone been watching these same Repiglican, "I can't recall" "It's Classified" "I will have to take the fifth" "It's something I cannot discuss, due to National Security" "I refuse to show up unless I am not sworn in"..... Repigicans harrasing Eric Holder in this latest political Repiglican witch hunt, led by the criminal car thief, Issa?

Disgusting! Holder has offered to hold all of the meetings Issa wants, in private, and go over everything he wants to know about, that can be discussed, but noooooooooooo!

Ho9lder wants to know where the leaks originated too, just as much as the President, and he has already done everything to get thing going, speedily. Repigs just want to stretch out this new witch hunt, for months and months!

Repigs won't allow Holder to divert their political witch hunt!

More money, wasted, and more multi-millions, I predict, will be wasted on these proceedings, that are doing nothing at all to forward the need for creating JOBS, or to focue on the problems we need to be addressing!

Where are the jobs! Where are the jobs! Ask Issa, the car thief.

Cornyn (sp?)had the nerve to tell Holder to resign! Cornyn! one of the biggest crooks on The Hill. Basically, cornyn is a greasy, Texas, Brown OIL BALL of filthy pro-pollution policies, behind the door deals. A deregulatory, earth killing crook!!!!!

OMG, shades of Ken Starr! He wears the pink magic panties too!