View Full Version : U.S.Open, Tulsa OK, Tournament Problems

06-14-2012, 07:14 PM
I was recently at the U.S. Open WPBA tourney in Tulsa and saw several problems I wonder if anyone else saw or have comments on. In the soon to be televised Quarter-finals, Gerda Hofstatter, who is about 6 months pregnant, called a foul on herself for touching a ball with her tummy. What an honest player. Tournament Director Steve Tipton was sitting in a chair and never saw it. During the Semi-final matches, Jeanette Lee was playing Gerda and after a great safety by Gerda, Jeanette was attempting to use two bridges to get over a bunch of balls. Tipton was standing right there watching for a foul. Jeanette hit the ball but with her stick, moved another ball. They were playing "all ball fouls", so this should have been ball in hand for Gerda. Guess what - Jeanette did not call the foul on herself and Tipton did not see it. WOW - none of us could believe it!!! How could you NOT call a foul on yourself!

Later, when Gerda was playing Allison, she shot at the 2 ball in a very tight situation. Tipton called a foul on her saying she hit the 7 ball first. Gerda looked at him like "are you crazy", but like the true player she is, she did not argue with him. Steve then went over to the ESPN camera guy and they both went in the back to review the shot. He came out finally and said they went frame by frame and the shot was, in fact, a GOOD HIT as split hits go to the shooter. Of course you can imagine what this 5 to 10 minute stop in play did to Gerda's concentration. She had improved her break so much, it was awesome and accurate every time but then to have all this happen to her, how could anyone continue to concentrate.

I will be very surprised if any of this gets on ESPN during the air dates of July 14 and 15, but I hope they do. I would like to see how they explain this truthfully.

I think it's time for Steve Tipton to retire.