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07-02-2012, 07:51 PM
50 Tea Party Slogans you’d like to see
Written by Samuel Warde | July 2, 2012
Samuel-Warde.com (http://samuel-warde.com/2012/07/50-tea-party-slogans-youd-like-to-see/)


1. The Tea Party …because smart politicians already had their chance!

2. Why the Tea Party? Because it sounds nicer than "mob of racist homophobes".

3. The Tea Party: Celebrating stupidity since 2009

4. The Tea Party … because being unstable is part of the mystique

5. The Tea Party: Greed is our favorite color!

6. The Tea Party: Press 1 through 9 for English

7. The Tea Party: You weren’t using your civil liberties anyway

8. The Tea Party …because traditional right-wingers were not frightening enough!

9. Dumb, Dumber, Tea Party

10. The Tea Party …because evolution is just another theory … like gravity!

11. The Tea Party: If GOD wanted you to speak for him, he would have made you INTELLIGENT!

12. The Tea Party: Do not resuscitate

13. The Tea Party Healthcare Plan: DON’T GET SICK!

14. The Tea Party needs to practice BIRTHER CONTROL

15. The Tea Party …because dumb as dirt is the new smart

16. Tea Party’s Faith Based Health Care Plan: Pray you don’t get sick

17. The Tea Party: Fuck Healthcare. We support Wealthcare!

18. The “S” in Tea Party stands for sanity

19. The Tea Party: putting the “con” in conservative

20. WAR: The Tea Party concept of birth control

21. The Tea Party: Because science is stoopid

22. Tea Party Family Values: FEAR, GREED, HATRED

23. The Tea Party: Supporting SINGLE PRAYER healthcare

24. The Tea Party …because being qualified is overrated

25. The Tea Party …because high school dropouts are people too

26. The Tea Party …because sanity is overrated

27. The Tea Party …because creationism does not include jobs

28. Vote Tea Party …because suffering builds character

29. The Tea Party … because abstinence worked for Sarah Palin’s daughter

30. The Tea Party …because Morans Rule!

31. The Tea Party: You Betcha!

32. The Tea Party: It’s not that we don’t know how to juggle, we just don’t have any balls!

33. The Tea Party : With trillion dollar wars, who needs healthcare?

34. Tea Party: Proud members of the angry mob

35. The Tea Party …because burning books is an alternative energy source

36. The Tea Party: The American Taliban

37. The Tea Party: when HYPOCRISY seems the best choice

38. The Tea Party: Profits before People

39. The Tea Party: Who you callin’ trailer trash?

40. The Tea Party … because democracy needs a time out

41. The Tea Party: To refudiate or not to refudiate? That is the question

42. The Tea Party … because there’s no “I” in team, but there’s a “U” in Fuck You!

43. The Tea Party: Gone fishin’

44. The Tea Party …because you can’t fix stupid

45. The Tea Party: Welcoming change as long as everything stays the same

46. The Tea Party …because my great great great grandpappy knew best

47. The Tea Party: Putting the White back in the White House

48. The Tea Party: Gunning for America

49. The Tea Party …because English is a living language

50. The Tea Party: Quick, everyone under the bus

Gayle in MD
07-03-2012, 12:02 AM
LOL...funny! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin.gif

Did you hear about The Tea Party event, in Hell, Michigan? Good place for them to stay. They met there to burn all 2700 pages of the ACA. Funny, how these nutjobs are always shooting and burning things, to make a point, huh/

BTW, did you know that Springsteen refuses to meet Christie, nor has he ever even invited him back stage when Christie shows up at his concerts. Sometimes it is so noticeable, that Bruce will go out of his way to avoid having to meet with the HOG.

All indications are that Bruce doesn't like Bully Christie!

I didn't think a former blue collar guy like Bruce, would have any fondness for that blathering, insulting hog.