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07-03-2012, 04:32 PM
Funny thing I am finding just in the last 2 weeks, and I freely admit...not the best "up-positive-thinking time in my life"... I can hit the PH when in that downer mood and tack in balls unusually well, like in some kind of a quiet spot away from the chatter around me. What is that? Do some of us get into a Kevin Costner zone in that movie when he pitches that perfect game over thoughts of a woman, or is it just for the emotional, liberal minded bodies in this pool game? Either way, the table has unfolded lots easier on those days coming out cold, and the "ticky, touchy" position shots during a runout just blend in, and it is done. Anyone who really knows me at all, know my finish is not my best asset. Damdest thing though is that those carefree successfull times hardly impresses even me at the time these days.

What's up with this? Do some players get their periods of melancholy where they "just" play through, where they excede, or is it all bullshit?

OK, I am a nut. sid

07-05-2012, 04:42 PM
Pool is my co-therapy often for that state, but I don't think it's a benefit to my game then.

Depends on how much I can truly immerse myself and forget my circumstances in the real world. Usually, not enough to play well or really enjoy the diversion, however welcome it is and necessary.

07-11-2012, 11:55 AM
If you have too much practice, you will never depressed while playing.
To get full confidence in game you should have full practice of the game.

07-25-2012, 06:22 AM
sometimes when things are on our minds, we aren't thinking about each and every shot and let our natural abilities play the game vs. over thinking the stroke, the position, the rack, etc. I find it helpful during those states of melancholy however if I'm annoyed or angered at something on the outside, it usually doesn't help my pool game, imho.

07-26-2012, 12:50 AM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Carter</div><div class="ubbcode-body">If you have too much practice, you will never depressed while playing.
To get full confidence in game you should have full practice of the game. </div></div>

Yes I am fully agreed with this point. The one and only thing can give you full confidence is practice. More you practice the game more you feel confidence for the same. Playing depressed is just due to the lack of practice.

07-29-2012, 03:18 PM
The very best players live in the moment and treat all their shots, mental processes and routine to attempt to level out the peaks and valleys.

Many over think the game and their place in it and wind up doing something entirely different from pool while at the table.

08-24-2012, 04:16 AM
Yeah I agree with this. When you know the technical aspects to the shot and how to make it you can't miss.

09-24-2012, 03:26 AM
Yes, our mental status does affect our game.. but when you really love the game and play for the love of it, you tend to enjoy that time,even if your state of mind wasn’t as good before you start playing. You tend to forget the rest of the world while absorbed in the game, atleast i do...

09-24-2012, 12:32 PM
Back to my example of "the love of the game" with Kevin Costner mindlessly throwing a perfect game up until the last inning. Can any player here NOT associate with that experience in over their lifetimes? I've distinctly hit that zone myself at least twice when deep into depression, and snapped..."I am shooting HOT right now!" OK, it is all just me I accept, y'all are fine, all optimisic, with no distracting zones due to " huge don't cares." I will say this...those super rare performances were like a dream on those occassions, and the distracted mindset was the key asset after the fact. That's my story and I am sticking to it. I am alone with this, I can see that, and it is perfectly OK with that...or else there are a lot of shy or macho people over their emotions and playing. Billiards is so mental. martin

09-29-2012, 06:22 PM
OK, I understand now that nobody really gets my meaning between the concept of of that movie and the question I asked. I am either deeper in thinking or I ask the wrong crowd of sports nuts. In all of my "zone" days, each one of the 3-5 days had a totally "all of it's own" mindset. The last one was a down and depressed, don't give much of a-F for what happened. I just thought that someone may have gotten consumed as I did with Kevin Costner in that last inning for the perfect game. sid