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07-08-2012, 02:34 PM
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<span style='font-size: 17pt'>Ruh-Roh! Laura Ingraham Rips Mitt Romney Campaign</span>
Posted by Ellen 97.80pc on July 07, 2012 · Flag

You know the Mitt Romney campaign is in trouble when Fox News trumpets conservative complaints as the top story on The O’Reilly Factor. Even though Fox would have you believe President Obama is on the verge of losing his re-election bid, it was clear from guest host Lauran Ingraham’s criticisms and the lack of a good argument from the Republican strategist guest that there isn’t a winning game anywhere to be seen.

We’ve posted before about Rupert Murdoch’s conservative jitters concerning Romney. Last night, Ingraham actually lived up to the Factor’s “no spin zone” motto when she blasted the Romney campaign for “squandering a big, fat gift” over health care reform and taking a vacation with the “kind of optics that perhaps don’t do him any favors.”

Even worse, Republican strategist Chris Begala couldn’t really make much of an argument on Romney’s behalf, other than to say that the economy is so bad, it will all work out for Romney in the end. Ingraham was clearly not convinced.

Begala agreed that Romney’s jet-skiing vacation photos were “maybe not the best images to send out.” But, he said, “It is the first week of July and there are a lot of people taking vacations and he’s with his family. It’s not the first week of October.”

Begala tried to assure Ingraham, “In the long run, things are going to work out fine. I think they are in a good position.”

Ingraham’s next comment pretty much destroyed that perspective. “Well, Chris, I’m looking at some of these poll numbers and I don’t find it to be all that comforting, frankly.” She cited a number of polls from swing states where Obama is ahead or tied. “There seems to be a disconnect between the reality of what we’re seeing right now and the intensity of the campaign.”

Begala then went on to make the laughable argument that that Romney doesn’t want to attack because his favorability is too low. “This guy can’t be at 49 unfavorable.” He said PAC’s are attacking instead. In other words, he can’t attack because he’s not likeable enough as it is!

As if acknowledging that there’s a problem, Begala said Romney’s campaign needs to be more “aggressive” about jobs and maybe people need to “chill out a little bit.”

Ingraham said she’s not panicking but that people “are craving something a little bit more… a little bit of passion, maybe a little righteous indignation. Doesn’t mean he has to wave his arms… (and) mindlessly attack Barack Obama personally. But they’re looking for a little – I don’t know, oomph? Spice?”

Again, Begala seemed to have nothing to offer up as proof of Romney’s viability. “He is who he is and this is not an aggressive guy,” Begala said. “…Romney needs to go out there and tell people the direction and the vision that he has instead of just attacking.”

But the problem, of course, that he’s not doing that so well, either. And even the Republican strategist couldn't make a convincing case otherwise.

Here, (http://www.newshounds.us/ruh_roh_laura_ingraham_rips_mitt_romney_campaign_0 7072012) with link to the video of the interview in question.

07-10-2012, 01:40 PM

Is this Chris Begala the relative of Clinton's famed political advisor, Paul Begala?

Will the conservos help Romney's campaign struggles, or make them worse, by demanding he come out and forthrightly back up all their policy planks?