View Full Version : U.S. Open Final-Poor Time Management

10-04-2002, 09:44 AM
Sunday a friend asked me "Why is it 3 hours?"

I said they'll have a short intro, play the match, and have a trophy and check presentation. In addition each player will probably be allowed 1 break, taken at their discretion, to go to the bathroom. 3 hours will ensure they'll have plenty of time for all this.

The banal interviews could have been shown during the breaks, not at the beginning of the program.

Now Mike Janis reports at the AZB forum that he talked to Alex after the match and asked him why he ran out so fast. Alex says "I had to pee. With the shot clock they wouldn't let me take a break"

Hopefully the director has learned a lesson for next year's broadcast (Hoping that happens).

10-04-2002, 11:56 AM
Voodoo and I talked about it a little afterwards. Here is the problem I saw. They changed the rules in the middle of the game. I'm almost positive Ralf Soquet beat Earl because he "dragged down" the faster player. Earl was beside himself, throwing up his arms in disgust wondering why it took a world class player so long to shoot. Playing slow was a stategy for him I think. The final 4 was Rodney, Alex, Earl and Ralf. The other 3 play fairly quickly, Rodney moreso. Ralf was going to take out whomever he played this way. I thought when they changed to the shot clock that it would throw Ralf off and it did for a little while but not long enough.

Now then, there needed to be a 45 second shot clock, instituted from the get go. The interviews can be done before and after but they must err on the side of caution. You can always backload with analysis and replays. I love that kind of stuff.

Also, the girl in the striped shirt. She's a rack girl, put her in a dress or something. When I see a striped shirt I see someone who's got to make a decision. She knew how to do one thing, rack the Sardo.

Gotta admit though, Ralf came on like a champion, showed great emotion and played with heart. Great job.

Kato~~~if Ralf Soquet played Sandor Tot for the championship Sandor would have sat in his chair while Ralf played his little game, looking mildly amused at everything going on around him, then when Ralf missed he would jump to his feet and say, "Ralf Soquet, I am Sandooooooooorrrrrrrrr Tot from Hungary. I'm am the European 8 ball champion, you must pay me 10,000 dinners for the right to play me"