View Full Version : CCB Tournament Standings-Photos?

10-04-2002, 10:53 AM

Forgot my Password...so I'm posting as "Anonymous"...Sorry....

Hey "Tom in Cincy" and "HollY"...

I thought either of you (OR AZBILLIARDS) would have posted some standings of our tournament by now...And Pictures???...The CCB tournament was as good as I have ever participated in...And the caliber of the players was pretty even...(You guys ought see some of these women play) ...I was very happy to have been included in this very 1st Annual CCB Tournament...I had one "Bye" and I won two sets and I lost two sets........We all seemed to have a good time at Q-Masters (One GREAT poolroom)....I got to play on their 12 x 6 snooker table...(Awesome!) I enjoyed meeting fellow posters and facing them one on one...I lucked up by sitting next to Amanda (She said she was 5' 14" tall) at the Open...she had a (reserved seat) and I was at the next space in an open seat...we were about 5 rows up...Kato was just down the line from us. My car broke down on the way to Chesapeake and I had to use a rental car the whole time ...(I blew my head gasquets and several other things were wrong...) Barry Berman has put on one great US Open this year...He and his staff did a terrific job..."Thanks Barry"...and Ralph played Superb!

On the over all...I had one great time...I hope to meet some of you again at the "Derby City Classic"...(Maybe they will let us have a mini-tournament there?)

Uncle Ron in SC

10-04-2002, 10:59 AM
I'll send my pics to S Petty, this evening. Susan, send me the e-mail address I'll use via PM. bye bye.