View Full Version : John Thune, VP, and The One!!!

07-16-2012, 01:07 PM
Not entirely serious about this, but John Thune is being talked about as on the short list for Romney's Veep pick, which is being rumored to be perhaps revealed as soon as this week (to change the subject in the news, IMO).

Anyway, remember how it was claimed Obama had been photographed in tricky ways to get a halo effect over his head? (Admittedly, pictures did exist to back up the fact that it had occurred, although not that it was done intentionally for that purpose.)

I think it's evidently something that the photographers like to do on their own, as part of framing a memorable picture.

As in:


Image credit: Bill Clark, CQ Roll Call / Getty Images

h/t to David Frum's blog at the Daily Beast

I think this was called 'John Thune feeding the multitudes!'

Of course, speculation that says this picture means Thune is 'The One' (TM), or even will be the VP based on this, is ridiculous.

Everyone* knows that Mitt Romney is The One, the prophesied Mormon who will arise to save this great republic from otherwise certain doom.

(*If you are in the LDS, of course, I mean.)