View Full Version : Back in the UK for a week so far

07-23-2012, 02:20 AM
Wow, Heathrow was a mad house. We flew in just prior to a bunch of athletes and the airport was jammed packed with so many "non-travelers" it was a mad house. Even though there were a huge increase in the number of people mulling about this was the absolute shortest time it took to go through Customs, get our luggage and head out to the Avis desk. I might be a bit afraid at the lack of effort Customs was taking in an effort to move th line quickly but this is all the complaining you will hear from me. Once we finished with Avis we headed south as quickly as possible.

Spent the week at work, and then this past week the sun came out and it was incredible. What a beautiful place when it is not gloomy and raining. Hung out at the historic dockyards, walked down the beach in Bournemouth for a few hours, just enjoyed doing as little sight-seeing as possible and relaxing the entire time. This week is back to work and then finally I will be heading home.

Hard to complain about getting business travel abroad but this is the end of about 8 weeks (coming home for a week or so here and there) and I am ready to stay stateside for a while. Who knows though, it is looking better and better at a 2 year stint in Italy in a year or so.