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07-29-2012, 05:15 PM
When we hit a ball we dont think about why the weight of a ball kan be kalkulated from its mass, exaktly.
And we dont think about why the ball's inertia kan be kalkulated from its mass, exaktly.
And both kalks uze a basik simple formula, uzing that exakt same mass, exaktly.

Well, now science (and billiards) knows why.
I now know why the mass of a billiards ball iz equivalent to the ball's inertia, exaktly.

It haz been theorized that matter (balls) akts az a sink for aether. Space iznt empty space, it iz aether.

Aether flows towards balls, balls (ie all matter) akts az a sink for aether.
Thusly matter stretches aether (space) in that vicinity.
Mooving aether drags balls.

Thusly 2 balls will attrakt due to aether drag towards eech other, and mainly to the earth. The earthly attraktion (and all such attraktion) iz gravity. And gravity givs us weight.

Likewize inertia iz opposit.
We moov the ball and aether drag oppozes moovment. Its the same drag but opposit.
Inertia givs the ball mass.

Hencely the equivalence tween gravitational weight (ie gravitational mass) and inertial mass.

I wish i had known this when i started playing billiards in 1963.

07-30-2012, 05:24 AM
Good stuff, but it makes my head spin, thinking about this...


07-30-2012, 06:37 AM
Yes, it seems that einstein stuff iznt a theory at all, just a bit of math. And higgs bosun aint in any billiards ball.

I didnt mention centripital forces in a spinning ball due to the aether.

Shhhhhhh. Never say aether.
Say virtual. Say field. Say wave. Say string. Say curvature.
Just dont say aether.