View Full Version : Mitt Romney Denies Criticizing Palestinian Culture

07-31-2012, 09:16 AM
Just after he did!!!!

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney says he wasn't criticizing Palestinian culture at a fundraiser in Jerusalem on Monday.

Palestinian officials accused the Republican presidential candidate of racism for suggesting that culture helps explain the economic disparity between Israelis and Palestinians

On Tuesday, Romney told Fox News that he wasn't specifically talking about Palestinian culture and doesn't plan to during the campaign.

He's downplaying a series of perceived missteps and instead blaming the media. Romney says reporters are more interested in "finding something to write" than about reporting on the economy and national security threats.

Romney prompted angry headlines across England last week when he questioned London's readiness for the Olympics.

He says the media is trying to "divert from the fact that these <u>last four years have been tough years for our country</u>."</div></div>

...but not for Mitt and his pals.


07-31-2012, 09:24 AM
It probably wasn't Palestinian culture, per se, which he invidiously compared to Jewish or Israeli culture.

It was ARAB culture. See, big difference! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/crazy.gif

Gayle in MD
07-31-2012, 09:33 AM
It's Rove, Bush and Cheney all over again!

OMG, people without conscience, blabbing one lie right after another!

Romney is even worse when it comes to total denial and lies.

The immediate reversals of reality are coming in record time!



07-31-2012, 01:04 PM
It's a shame Mitt caved ... so I'll say it.

Arab culture is racist, sexist, homophobic, homicdal, genocidal and suicidal.

07-31-2012, 05:15 PM
All those and more apply to the culture of Judaism.

At least the Arab culture doesn't claim racial supremacy, or master race doctrines, as does Judaism. (Cf: the Talmud)

07-31-2012, 05:33 PM
The story down here iz that mitt entered jeruzalem riding on an elephant.

07-31-2012, 05:34 PM
The press crucyfyd mitt.
I am betting that in 3 days hiz body will dissappear.

07-31-2012, 06:17 PM
It is Muslim 'religion' that prevents the Arab world from making progress and makes them the enemy of all non-muslims.

07-31-2012, 06:45 PM
They used to have a pan-Arab secular leader, named Nasser.

He was carefully blocked, and that movement quashed.

The leadership of the Arab nations was put in place by the British (typically), as quislings willing to bow to the west, over the interests of their citizens.

The Muslim Brotherhood was used as a western intel agency sponsored and controlled group to keep these leaders in line.

Between the autocratic royal families put in place and kept in place by western interests, and the crazed religionists on the west's intel agencies payrolls (the US took over sponsoring the Muslim Brotherhood once Britain had to withdraw their presence after the WW I and WW II debacles for them), the peoples there had no actual chance to flourish.

Gayle in MD
08-03-2012, 10:12 AM
Good blog from the Mother Jones website!

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> After Mitt and Ann's not so excellent European adventure, and the increasing chorus of speculation about just what he is hiding in those tax returns, I'm beginning to relax. The UK was an unmitigated disaster, from 'Anglo Saxon special relationship' beginning to 'it's easy to host an Olympics in the middle of nowhere' kiss off from the Conservative PM; horse ballet and blowing off the wife are just icing on a cake that is crawling with ants.

Poland is not a country that non Polish emigres know anything or give a crap about, and they all live in cities, which vote Democratic; the only thing Americans will get out of his visit to Poland was that one of his aids told the press to 'kiss his ass'.

Israel was a shit sandwich to go along with the ant covered cake to round out the lousy picnic that is the Romney campaign. He said he'd move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, until he had to back away; he said that Israel's success was because they were culturally superior to the Palestinians, disqualifying himself from a major function of the modern American presidency - being able to mediate between the two parties. <span style='font-size: 17pt'>BiBi was friendly, but the Minister of Defense, a hero of the Mossad revenge squad that killed the Palestinians responsible for Munich, on the 40th anniversary of that horror, looked right into CNN's cameras and told the American public that Barack Obama is the best friend Israel has had since Carter (who got them peace with Egypt). </span>

<span style='font-size: 17pt'>All the rumblings from Israels right wing about unilateral action against Iran in the next few months only helps the president. Nobody, except the truly deranged who hate the president beyond all reason, will vote for the inexperienced and diplomatically incompetant Mitt if it looks like there might be war between Israel and Iran. Discouraged Republicans who were planning to sit this one out will show up to vote for Obama.</span>

And those taxes of his are not his only tax related problem: wait till Americans wrap their heads around the fact that he wants to cut taxes AGAIN, on top of the Bush tax cuts!, for people like himself. <span style='font-size: 17pt'>The party that's been screaming about defecits since Inauguration Day is warming up the Chinese credit card to give more money to the wealthy. They can eliminate the food stamp program, welfare and Medicaid and it won't pay for what they're planning to do. </span><span style='font-size: 17pt'> And the Evangelicals have not yet been educated about his cult and it's remarkable similarities to militant Islam! </span></div></div>

08-03-2012, 10:17 AM
What is amazing is that the far left has seizures over a US businessperson who morally objects to gay marriage, to the point they boycott the business, yet they won't do anything to boycott Arab oil from fields owned by regimes who execute gays for nothing more than being gay.

08-03-2012, 01:14 PM
Nobody can effectively boycott Saudi oil. It's impossible.

Why? World oil is fungible and co-mingled by the time it is imported here. There is no single-source Saudi oil outlet that can serve this purpose.

I supposed there could be a BDS campaign against them, as there is one against Israel. But I think that's similarly problematic for the same reasons.