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10-06-2002, 07:49 AM
You know you have good pool friends when:
<ul type="square"> Your on-going $5. per game bet, where money has never changed hands, gets so lopsided in his favor that he offers you "double-or-nothing" and gives you a three ball advantage, just to let you get back to even.
You always carpool to the poolroom because he has a new car and you drive Jed Clampett's old truck.
When he wins money, on the trip back from the poolroom you dine at Texas Land &amp; Cattle Co. on salad and smoked sirloin steak and you only have to contribute to the tip.
You don't get to go to the US OPEN but someone you have never met, hooks you up with shirts from the event.
Just when you think things won't get better, another friend you have never met, asks for a copy of your resume so she can help you find a good job. Not all of the Big Apple's people are "hard".
Another person you share faith with, but have never met, sends you a shirt with their group's logo on it AND it can actually be worn to casual Bible Study classes.
Another person you have never met, spends his money on a US Open shirt, mails one to you without knowing if he'll ever see the money and is genuinely happy to do it. Then he tells you that you will be getting three, not one!

They know who they are. They are great people. I am blessed.


Ken (with some random musings)

Chris Cass
10-06-2002, 08:16 AM
Hi Ken,

I know what you mean. How about one that sends you his entire collection of Accu-Stat tapes atleast $300. worth and you never met. Not to mention, wants to send you his Searing cue, to shoot with for awhile.

Another that, helps you get over your painful back problems with emails. Calls you on the phone on a regular basis to see how your doing. Is always in your corner. Puts you on a pedestal. When in actuality, both of these people are in pain every single day but puts theirs aside to listen to you vent.

How about one who never forgets you and drops a PM on ya to ask how things are going and to let you know they care.

How about one who gives you a bible passage that gives the definition between a friend and brother and you find out your a brother. Thanks Ken, what a compliment.

There's tons more. I won't go into because my fingers are sore. They know who they are. Atleast, I hope they all know I need them.


C.C.~~Kens older shorter bro

9 Ball Girl
10-06-2002, 06:50 PM
Some of my own random musings:

Getting picked up from the airport by 3 fab folks and get driven to watch the afternoon games at the US Open. Thank you

My luggage is lost and I get driven to my hotel, made sure that I can get a room, and then makes sure that my luggage is found. Talk about standing by your side. THANK YOU

Bringing a cue for me to play when I couldn't fly my cues in. Thank you.

Paying for my dinner on the first day that we met. Mmmmm steak! Thank you thank you thank you.

Getting calls from my pool bud in NY to make sure I'm okay and having a great time with the CCBers he wished he could've met. Thank you.

Playing a money game where I'm down and I don't have to pay him when he wins. Thanks

Meeting a bunch of people that share that bask in the same passion as I do. Sweet

To those that go out of their way to give me a ride home after shooting and playing for $$$ for hours.

To the one that constantly fends off the occasional intrusive ball banger while I'm practicing.

Wendy~~extremely grateful and anxious to meet the rest

10-07-2002, 09:47 AM
Hi 9 ball girl,
Is that two ball nAz? cheers

10-07-2002, 10:54 AM
Wendy i chase away the bad guys and make YOU feel better /ccboard/images/icons/smile.gif


10-07-2002, 10:57 AM
Vagabond Im moving up! i been making 3 balls pretty consitenly latley but not enough to change from two ball - three ball /ccboard/images/icons/frown.gif
one day !

10-07-2002, 11:20 AM
Remember this always. True friends don't need to meet, true friends don't even have to know the sound of your voice, when your birthday is or what your favorite color is. True friends do things for you because that is what friends do. All I know is that when I do something for someone and they smile or laugh then I have been a friend for a moment. That smile or laugh is worth more to me than any joy or happiness I can bring for myself. In essence, I have been paid 10-fold. This is a win-win situation.

Principals from How to Win Friends and Influence People

4. Become genuinely interested in other people.
9. Make the other person feel important--and do it sincerely.
19. Appeal to the nobler motives.

I try, fail, then try again.

Kato~~~not the best friend in the world but trying every day to get better.

9 Ball Girl
10-07-2002, 11:36 AM
You got it bub. /ccboard/images/icons/laugh.gif

10-08-2002, 01:01 AM

.....they help you kick your drug addiction.

.....they help you pay your rent.

.....they loan you money for cab fare back home.

.....they help you beat up the guy who doesn't pay you off.

.....they tuck you in every morning at the pool room.

.....they tell you when they've found an easy mark.

.....they knock you down when the bullets start flying.

10-08-2002, 06:20 AM
A friend will help you move................

Your best friend will help you move a body.

Can't remember the comedians name, suppose it fits though.


10-08-2002, 09:28 AM
Sorry 3 ball nAz!I am jealous of u man!