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08-10-2012, 08:21 PM
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The Infantino Baby Carrier is a great alternative to the stroller or hand held carrier for your baby transportation needs. Like most other carriers, it allows you to stay close to your baby while freeing up your hands for other activities such as household chores and banking.ergo baby carrier (http://www.cheapergobabys.com/)Infantino has been in business for about 15 years and has produced quality baby toys, bouncers, and crib accessories.Their baby carrier was made with comfort in mind.The Infantino Baby Carrier comes in two types:extended
wear and fashion. The extended wear was designed for more functionality and comfort. This is designed for people who need to use their carrier for long periods of time for activities such as long trips to the shopping mall or a day at the amusement park.The memory foam straps and the breathable fabric make this carrier comfortable for the parent and the baby. The fashion
carrier type,while still functional, was made for style and fashion. There are many styles and colors to fit many tastes.The Infantino baby carrier is made from durable materials that have proven to last a long time. It has been reliable in preventing the baby from slipping. While they have a history of making reliable carriers, two of the models have been recalled due to risk of
suffocation. The Infantino SlingRider and Wendy Bellissimo Sling have been recalled. You can find the recall information on their website. ergo baby slings (http://www.cheapergobabys.com/ergo-baby-carrier.html)These slings were designed in a way to could cause risk of suffocation. They have other models with a totally different design from the aforementioned two models. These styles have been pulled from the market therefore the available models should be safe for use.