View Full Version : Hidden silver lining (or dark cloud) to Ryan pick

08-11-2012, 02:19 PM
Sadly for the Ryan groupies out there, once Ryan is a Veep on a losing presidential ticket, he will never become president, according to a long-standing historical precedent.

Sometimes they may achieve their party's presidential nomination and are thus able to once more run nationally, but even then they lose (Mondale, Dole).

This is even worse than it sounds, because there's more.

If his ticket wins this time, and is defeated in 4 years, the above still applies.

And if a R&R ticket is successful twice, it would ALSO seem to doom his own chances for the top of the ticket bid succeeding. (Bush 41 was a major exception, but Romney is no Reagan.)

So, most likely, we will never have a President Paul Ryan.

As I say, silver lining, or dark cloud, depending on how you feel about this guy. It will be welcome news to the American Catholic Bishops, I think.