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10-07-2002, 06:51 PM
ACCU-VAC TECHNOLOGY and <font color=red>T</font color=red>RINITY <font color=red>F</font color=red>ANTASY <font color=red>B</font color=red>ILLIARDS

<font color=red>NEW PRODUCT LINE ANNOUNCED.</font color=red> <font color=black>ONLINE CATALOG NOW AVAILABLE</font color=black>


<font color=red>T</font color=red>RINITY <font color=red>F</font color=red>ANTASY <font color=red>B</font color=red>ILLIARDS

<font color=purple>What do the Pros have to say?:</font color=purple>

<font color=purple>“Trinity Fantasy Billiards” and “Accu-Vac Stats Productions" team together to form the most powerful billiards group since Johnny Archer’s break!”</font color=purple> says: Billiards Digest

<font color=green>“Their new products could revolutionize the Billiards Industry!”</font color=green> says: Billiards Industry Magazine

<font color=orange>“I’m afraid I’m going to be put out of business! says:</font color=orange> Every local billiards retailer!

<font color=red>BE AFRAID! BE V-E-R-Y AFRAID!!!</font color=red> says: a little kid that Kato almost ran over with the new company van.


Rackmup, Kato and Chris Cass join forces with Grady Mathews and his newly formed company, ACCU-VAC STATS Productions to bring the Billiards playing public the most diverse billiards products company known to the industry today!

“We hope to provide the items that are new to the market, proven to the market and especially those items that no other billiards company, be they retail locations or mail order, are bold enough to carry” says Kato, the Marketing Manager for the East Coast.

Chris Cass, the true business mind running the Products and Marketing Division says “Look through our online catalog and tell me honestly…where can you go and get a playing partner like our “Ball-Banging Betty”? I’ll tell you where…NO WHERE!”

“I’m simply sitting back and and watching these two geniuses make us money. Their ideas (on product) are astounding!” Kingan proudly proclaimed.

Some samples of their unique products are shown below along with special introductory pricing:

“Ball Bustin’ Betty”
No date for the poolroom tonight? Take BBB with you and lay to rest those stories about you not being able to get a date!!

“Sharking Cymbals”
Talking while your opponent stares down the nineball isn’t doing any good? Try banging these babies together while he shoots! You’re certain to get back to the table!

"Gambling Yack"
You're down $300 to a guy you thought you could beat. Want to give the guy an "air bisquit"? Lay this on the floor where he can see it. Tell him you just yacked and you think it's coming again! Act a little queezy and bolt out the door with your hands covering your mouth and never stop running! Sure to save you thousands! (Don't forget your cues. We will not be responsible for lost/stolen cues.)

WE PROUDLY SHIP!http://pressroom.ups.com/staticfiles/logos/thumbnail/23.gifAND ACCEPThttp://www.mivahelp.com/images/crdcards.gif

(Fine Print: prize can be claimed with your initial order of $750.00)

Order online NOW at <a target="_blank" href=http://www.getthecoolstuff.com>www.getthecoolstuff.com</a>

Oh yes people...we are going to be very rich.



10-07-2002, 10:00 PM
Hey, Ken, does Betty play straight or is she more of a nine-baller?

10-08-2002, 06:27 AM
Yep, I said that. I am a trained public speaker I'll have you know.

Kato~~~realizes the "NEW AND IMPROVED" Triangle of Terror will be very very wealthy

9 Ball Girl
10-08-2002, 09:05 AM