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08-31-2012, 10:14 AM
Poor guy.

08-31-2012, 05:26 PM
I am thinking that if made boss mitt would -----
Giv drovers a dollar a day and all they kan eat.
Then fire Wishy and sell the chuck wagon to an oil company.
Then dedukt a dollar a day for health cover (not inklooding anthrax).
Nextly, mitt would stampede theusofa towards a cliff.
Which would leev the drovers free to bekum Mormons.

Rowdy, he enters politix.

08-31-2012, 07:18 PM
15. Incident of the Calico Gun [TOP] Philip Lindley, England:

The drovers see a cabin in flames and find a young woman survivor. Favor provides the protection of the drive but the woman proves to be a source of jealousy among the men, especially Rowdy. When her partners show up to rob the men of their wages, they know for certain that they have been duped. Jack Lord, better known for his own long-running series "Hawaii Five-O", guest stars as the gang leader.

08-31-2012, 07:26 PM
11. Incident of the Coyote Weed [TOP] Timothy W. Booher, of Bristol, Tennesee:

Synopsis: The crew comes upon a dead man who has obviously been tortured in the Badlands. One of the new drovers, a Mexican named Mitt Rivera, tells them this is the work of a man named Koch. Later a young drover sees Mitt picking some strange weed from underbrush and imitates the act. In doing so he eats a small portion of it. After questioning Rowdy about the substance, he is told that it is Coyote Weed, that it is poisonous and deadly, and he is warned not to let Mr.Favor catch him with the substance in his posession. Later in the evening the herd stampedes. The young drover is caught in the middle, leaving Gil Favor a difficult choice, the life of the young man or the herd. Favor chooses the latter and in doing so costs the young man his life. This action causes a disagreement with Rowdy, who questions his boss's actions and wonders how a herd of cattle can be more important than a man's life. Gil tells Rowdy he had a choice to make and he feels he made the right decision.

A bit later some of the drovers begin to come up sick after eating a meal prepared by Wishbone, and Gil notices the symptoms of poisoning. Rowdy remembers that the young drover had mentioned something about seeing Mitt loading his saddlebags with Coyote Weed and confronts him about it. Mitt turns out to be the culprit and is captured after losing a fistfight with Rowdy. It is revealed that he is working for Koch and his band of cutthroats. Gil promises to see Mitt hang. In the meantime, Pete and Wishbone prepare a medicine (actually a less deadly poison) to counteract the Coyote Weed poison in the men. However some men refuse to take the medicine because of its terrible taste and die. When Koch's men finally attack they are duped into a trap by the now healed drovers who pretend to still be sick. Mitt, however, escapes and threatens to give away the cover the drovers have taken. Gil chases him and shoots him down but in the process leaves himself open to fire from Mitt and his men. Rowdy in turn is faced with the difficult decision of whether to save Gil Favor's life by giving away the position of the ambushing drovers and risk losing the herd, or protect his intersts. Faced with a situation similar to the position his boss had been put into earlier, Rowdy choses to hold fast and leave Favor to die. Koch and his men are defeated and the herd is saved, but the decision made by Rowdy turns out to be an unpopular one among the drovers, who are loyal to Mr.Favor. Now Rowdy understands exactly how it feels to be trail boss and make life or death decisions(perhaps he is preparing himself for that day not too long down the road when he will take the podium at a GOP convention). When Gil Favor turns out to be very much alive and only wounded, the animosity the men felt toward Rowdy turns to welcome relief that their boss is alive to give the "Head Em Up, Move Em Out" command another day. Gil and Rowdy come away with a better understanding of one another and each man now has greater respect for the other.

08-31-2012, 07:32 PM
10. Incident of the Golden Calf [TOP] Timothy W. Booher, of Bristol, Tennesee:

Synopsis: The drovers stumble upon a wrecked carriage at the bottom of a ravine. It is driven by a Mormon preacher who tells them that he is on the run from the citizens of a decidedly unchristian township, who have banished him. The preacher carries a pocket full of gold, but when questioned about it by the drovers he replies with a sermon about the evils of chasing the elusive golden calf.

A rival trail gang that has lost its herd tries to ambush Favor and his men, but the trap turns on them and they try to buy the herd for a cut-rate price. Gil refuses to sell, causing bad feeling. One of the men, Bill, had previously worked for Gil Favor's outfit and holds a grudge because he was fired.

Back in camp the drovers are so intrigued by the thought of gold that it's of little consequence to them if the preacher has begun to indulge in alcohol and gambling. He wins all their money in a poker game but reveals to them the whereabouts of his gold. Gil Favor goes to the nearest town to get supplies. There he has a run-in with his former employee, who is now working for the rival trail boss. He returns to find that all of his drovers, with the exception of Rowdy, Wishbone, and Mushy, have deserted him to search the hills for gold.

With no other choice Gil Favor sells his herd to the rival trail boss at about one third what it is worth. Later that night as the drovers are sleeping, someone sneaks into their camp and steals the saddlebag with all the money from the sale. Left with nothing, the drovers follow the trail of the robber to an abandoned town. But instead of finding the robber they find the former crew members who had deserted them returning empty handed from their fools gold strike.

Mr. Favor hires them back, and having figured out that they were tricked, they ride into the rival trail boss's camp intent on getting their herd back. There they find the preacher, who is actually a drover for the other outfit: he had been duped into tricking the drovers for a cut of the money.

When Gil Favor informs the rival trail boss that they want their herd back, the other boss reluctantly agrees, seeing that his crew is outnumbered by Favor's men. The decision, however, doesn't sit well with Gil's nemesis and former employee, who gets the drop on Mr. Favor and tries to shoot him. He is stopped by the former preacher, who kills him to save Favor's life, saying that he had a sudden conversion and that after playing a preacher he now wants to be a real one.