View Full Version : Camel puzzle.

09-12-2012, 04:18 PM
Two billiards teams are travelling to their match, going opposit ways, by camel, 4 per team, and they meet on a sharp bend on a narrow track in the mountains. The track iz too narrow to turn around. And camels karnt go backwards. But what camels kan do, iz, if there iz a space past the next camel, iz that one kan lay down, and one kan trittrot over it to the space.

Anyhow, the two lead camels dont see eech other untill they are exaktly one camel apart. So u start with 1 space tween the 2 teams of camels, and of course zero space tween the camels in eech team, facing opposit direktions of course.

Anyhow, the two teams got to their matches in time. How did they do it.

I think i hold the worlds rekord for solving this puzzle. I worked it out in only 2 attempts. My first attempt failed quickly, az it allways will. But then my 2nd attempt went ok, but even so it must hav taken over 5 minutes. When i say 2nd attempt, u do run throo little will i or wont i types of thinking and mini-decisions az u go along, while sort of feeling and tasting etc without taking a proper step.

Woz i brilliant, or woz i just lucky, or woz it koz i hav a big noze.