View Full Version : CCB Experiment???

10-08-2002, 01:20 PM
To really see how much affect we have in the pool world, let's conduct an experiment. Starting Friday, October 11th, Let's spread the word on a fictional pool hustler........"Dirty Harry". Dirty Harry acquired his nickname because he is a single FBI agent aroung 40 years old. He about 6 feet with brown eyes. He's known for his silent but assertive stlye of gambling. You might not even know he's in your pool room until the trash talking gets a little out of hand and he steps up and usually offers play a nine ball set for a thousand or one pocket for 500 a game. He plays one pocket left handed and all other games right handed. His lone piece of jewerly is a plain gold FBI Academy ring. He travels the country frequently due his desire to change locations with the FBI and plays with a sneaky pete with a white wrap. Dirty Harry is usually only in the pool room every other day before 5 and when he has a weekend off. On those weekends he lives in the pool room. He NEVER NEVER plays cheap, at least a hundred a game. We,the CCB members, heard that he made a really good score in Canada right before the OPEN. Let's all tell this story to the local pool room loud mouth that tells everyone about everthing. Hopefully, We all can just sit back and giggle when we hear this story coming back to us down the road. Feel Free to Add any Information you Want about our great CCB fictional Hustler......."Dirty Harry".

10-09-2002, 07:27 AM
Nobody seems interested...I just wanted to see what I would have heard about our fictional character when Derby rolled around. It's a little to mischievous.