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10-13-2012, 09:00 AM

10-13-2012, 11:17 AM
All nations are 'one nation,' and all are under God.

The Nazi slogan was 'Gott mitt uns.'

In the case of this boilerplate from Reagan, he was quoting the pledge authored by a socialist, with the 'under God' part added decades later by Ike as a propaganda tool in the Cold War along with putting similar propaganda on our money species.

While I'm not sure when he said it, he did need to steal off the religious vote from the evangelical born-again Carter who routinely taught Sunday school, as a hedonistic Hollywood playboy non-church goer who uniquely among all presidents was a divorcee.

Gayle in MD
10-13-2012, 11:21 AM
And Nancy was no angel, either, they were both jumping in and out of bed for years in Hollywood.

Reagan made his big money peddling cigarettes!

A drug dealer, lol.

10-13-2012, 12:31 PM
I just noticed the title of a book by Mike Gallagher called, '50 Things Liberals Love to Hate'. I bet that anything having to do with Ronald Reagan is on the list along with any mention of God or America in a positive light.

It might be hard to come up with 50 but it would be worth listing the things liberals love. I'm sure at the top would be abortion, JFK, FDR, LBJ, IRS, Marx, socialism, communism, gays, trees and the desert toad and anything that might stand in the way of capitalism, Christians, affirmative action...

It might be fun to complete the list.

10-13-2012, 12:58 PM
Romney is the new Palin was the new Bush was the new Dole was the new Bush was the new Reagan was the new Ford was the new Nixon was the new Goldwater.

Nearly five decades of raw moonbat hatred of anything not ( D) ... they have used the same boilerplate lies the whole time.

Just scratch the old name off the sign and the latest imaginary incarnation of Emmannuel Goldstein.*

* Note to zerondotwins, EG was Big Brother's enemy in the dystopian** novel "1984."

** Second note to zerondotwins, that was an antonym of utopian.

10-13-2012, 01:44 PM
Of more interest might be a look at the history of Democrats the Republicans like to cite now, and what the GOP or conservatives said of them at the time.

As Ryan touted the supply-side concept of JFK's massive tax rate cut from over 90% to 70%, what was the take from his side as to JFK at the time? That he was a Fabian Socialist (he did study at the London School of Economics), and of course, a traitor. ("Wanted for Treason" read the Hunt Brothers' funded mug shot posters actually posted on the streets of Dallas that horrific day.)

They now LOVE, absolutely LOVE and WILL SAVE SS and MC (except in unguarded moments as when Ryan condemns them as Ponzi schemes), but always railed against them as socialism that threatened our freedoms and very way of life.

They now love and cite Truman, when at the time he was accused of enabling the Communist conspiracy, 'losing' China, and vast corruption in government.

They've even somewhat rehabilitated Clinton's reputation and policies, if only to use the supposed contrast to bash Obama. Of course, that DLC-co-founder conservative Southern Democrat at the time was accused of being far left, and his tax hike, the destroyer of the economy.

This is the same chameleon-like shifting we see in Reagan's own record that they refuse to acknowledge, and hated as of when he was doing it in real time.

One big tax cut followed by 13 tax increases, at least one in each of the 6 years following his first. (Sen. Bob Dole's work with Reagan to accomplish these as Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee earned him Gingrich's scorn as 'the tax collector for the welfare state.') Two of them the largest in human history, still. Supply-sider Reagan even took away the capital gains tax break, taxing capital gains at ordinary income rates, in the '86 reforms.

In the campaign, Reagan said Carter's Salt II treaty was a recipe for the defeat and forced surrender of the US because it locked us into an inferior position. But Reagan kept it in place honoring its terms even before its eventual ratification under Bush the Wiser years later. No arms control agreements were possible with the Evil Empire, as they reserved the right to cheat and had cheated on every single such treaty, THEN Reagan does the Intermediate Range Missile zero policy in Europe (removing the Pershing II missiles), significantly reduces the stockpiles with his START policy, and calls for the complete elimination of all nuclear weapons.

I don't blame that side for selective amnesia, as the cognitive dissonance would otherwise blow out their brains. So they etch-a-sketch their own and others' histories, the better to provide a smooth narrative.

10-13-2012, 02:15 PM
Romney is the new Palin was the new Bush was the new Dole was the new Bush was the new Reagan was the new Ford was the new Nixon was the new Goldwater.

A man of your age SHOULD remember that each of these was attacked fiercely from the GOP AND mainline conservatives and often the right, each in turn.

Hell, REAGAN took on Ford fiercely, all the way to the convention, and pushed him to the low polling from which he ALMOST won anyway. Gingrich denounced Dole AND Reagan. Father Bush was never accepted as a conservative, and now Bush the Lesser has been entirely anathemized as not a conservative at all.

Rick Santorum explained his many votes for Bush II's policies by admitting they were entirely against his conservative principles, but demanded by party loyalties.

It's entirely recent how badly Romney has been crucified by the conservative right of his party, so I imagine even you will remember this.