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02-17-2002, 06:48 PM
figgered it out. why would the most successful pool board on the planet, recently experiencing a strong increase in readership and participation, self destruct???

it's the wpba board leadership!!

the dr.d post was heading toward a thousand reads, valley forge is right around the corner, high dudgeon (i still think dungeon is funnier) is rampant in the land and there's revolution in the air. clearly the wpba and b.d. are in bed together(not a prety picture) and agree to an orwellian solution: improve communication. take all these old posts and drop them in the "save box", the one with the smoke coming out of it. then wipe out the means of expressing discontent.

that'll teach the malcontents.

either that, or it's the attack of the techno-weenies who understand neither pool nor the players thereof.

by the way, i got an e-mail note auto-sent by the playpool machine. i remember, many years ago, when the ccb used to do that but then they said the board was getting too busy so they eliminated the feature. get rid of the people so the machines are happier.

02-25-2002, 04:48 PM
Would it be OK if I, as a representative of BD, picked my spots when it comes to getting into bed with the WPBA? (HOPE so.) GF