View Full Version : question about runde cues

10-19-2002, 12:23 AM
I am in Olathe at a tourney and I am looking at a couple of brand new Bob Runde cues. these cues have sharp points. I thought he used cnc. when did he switch? the seller thought they were full spliced cues. I don't think this is right. Has Bob changed his cue making technique? How do these cues hold their retail value? any help would be appreciated.

mike athens

10-21-2002, 05:58 AM
Hi Mike, Bob just started making sharp pointy cues (short splices), again about 6 months ago. I bought 2 for my pro shop, and have sold one of them. Both are absolutely beautiful, so much so, that I ordered another for myself. I've been playing with a Runde for about 2 years, (inlaid points), and love the cue. I'm not sure which one I'll play with when the sharp pointy one comes.

Bob's work is just as it's always been, darn near perfect.
Andy G.