View Full Version : I tried Billy Weir's

10-20-2002, 10:16 AM
My girlfriend and I went to Billy Weir's last night (Saturday) We played on the 9' table in the corner (#11). man is that a lot of green. We both liked the place, we don't go out for pool much (table at home) but wanted to play on a big table. We had a good time so we'll most definately be back, we're going to try to get the after work crowd from her office to switch to there. I'll tell you one thing they mix a strong drink. I definately won't be drinking liqour there if I have some serious pool playing to do. I went there after reading about it here and I recommend it also. We met one or two of the owners I think, Frank and a guy with a spike in his lip. They were both nice. I'm going to check and see if they play any tournaments there. ....well gotta go, hope to see some of you there. Ronnie

10-20-2002, 10:37 AM
Hello Mars,

We (rackmup,Onepocketchamp, and I) missed you last night. We were up there playing an intense game of one pocket which OPC won by a serious breakdown from one of the players on my team (rackmup and I) whom I will not name.

I love the place. If you think you might play up there often then the membership is the way to go. Also, the guy with the ring in his lip is the son of Billy Weir, his name is Toby. Yes he has been nice everytime I have talked to him, however I believe he is the reason the dance floor is being put in, and the reason why they have DJs there on Thurs and Fri nights.