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03-05-2002, 02:40 PM
Grady,,, I sent you that email for my own personal knowledge.. Not to be shared with the board.. that will NEVER happen again you can be rest assured.. you have shown your True colors Grady.. I had alot of respect for you and your game. But you have destroyed that. You only answered my email on the board to embarrass the Joss Tour and Mike Zuglan and the rest of the small tour promotors who are trying to put something together for the players. IF IT WERE NOT FOR THEM THE PLAYERS WOULD HAVE NO REGIONAL EVENTS TO PLAY IN AT ALL.They would be sitting home and doing nothing. Atleast people like Mike Zuglan are trying. All you do is sit here and knock people all the time instead of doing something about it. You have your small tournaments and when you start losing money all the time. then maybe you will wise up to a different way of doing it. Like i said.. you have shown your true colors Grady. And yes i got your reply to my email. I just did not think i would see it on the board....Maybe that guy johnk is right.. you need some type of help.............mike

03-05-2002, 06:30 PM
Hey Mike,
Well thats sickening, but like they say "Misery loves company!" Some people just dont realize that life is so short and they should live everyday to the fullest instead miserable-your a sweetheart Mike-

03-05-2002, 10:17 PM
Mike, You asked grady about why he didn't play on the Joss tour over a week ago on the board. Perhaps he is now responding to a seperate e-mail but I knew I had heard the question before.

"Subject Grady..... Joss Tour Reply Quote

Posted by cueball1950 (stranger)
Posted on 02/24/02 09:55 PM
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Please explain why you could not play on the Joss tour as you stated in your reply to me.. No one told you could not play while you lived in Maine ,,did they....Mike"

The answer to your question is that grady could indeed play or so it seems. I'm sure I saw him play at least twice and I didn't attend all the events. Now we see that he had reasons for not playing that seem to be related to the payout of the money. It is a tour and if the payout is understood and agreed to by the players I see no problem with it. I don't think we will find people with more integrity in the pool business than Mike and Pat. I feel that what they are doing with the money is there to be seen by all and they are successful enough to keep the tour going.

It's going to take a lot more than what I can see to make me believe anything wrong is going on. That goes for Hopkins as well although I realize his operation is too large for me to adequately judge it. Ken

03-06-2002, 09:56 AM
I finished second in one of the Viking events(the only one I played in)and got $400 after winning 8 matches.The only Florida tour event I played in I finished 3rd and got $250.Sorry if I offend people but that is degrading prize money.
If we had a decent mini-tour structure it would be much easier for up and coming players to make their way into the pro ranks although why they would want to do that escapes me.Oh,I know they'll get to wait for that lucrative phone call from Hopkins or Braun.
How quickly folks forget things of importance.I fought Mackey when I had my 14.1 event in Maine in 95' so Zuglan could play.But I didn't get an invite to their big tournament nor did even more qualified guys like Kerry Herbert,TJ Laflemme and "Devil Dave".