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10-21-2002, 09:38 AM
Proposed Format for CLASSIC TOUR 2003

1. A 64 player field is divided into 16 brackets of four players each:
A. The top 16 ranked players are seeded, one into each bracket
B. The next 16 players (ranked 17-32) are drawn into each of the 16 brackets.
C. The remaining 32 players are drawn into the 16 brackets, two players each bracket.

2. Round robin play in Stage I would be race to 9, alternate break. Scoring first by match wins, then by win/loss ratio (i.e. Gordon’s format), with ties broken by head-to-head results. Example: Mary and Beth both have a record of 9-7, 9-7, 5-9. Mary defeated Beth in one of the 9-7’s – Mary advances.

3. The top two players from each pool would then advance to Stage II, a 32 player field single elimination chart. (Race to 9, alternate break, race to 7 alternate break in the televised matches).

4. The final 32 player single elimination bracket would seed the top 16 players out of the round robin
(see below), with the remaining 16 (second place in each bracket) drawn into remaining spots.

5. Top 16 players out of the bracket are seeded by:
A. Highest scoring out of the bracket (i.e. 3-0’s, followed by 2-1’s…)
B. Current WPBA ranking breaks ties

6. 48 places would cash, with top 32 guaranteed a minimum $1,000 for getting to Stage II. 3rd place in each bracket would get back entry fee (33-48th place). Remaining purse structure TBA.

1. This format offers the same number of matches as a 64 player double elimination chart. Each bracket of four players (shown by A-D below) means six matches as follows:
A vs B B vs C A vs C B vs D A vs D C vs D

2. Initial 64 player field plays down to 32 players on Thursday and Friday.
Each player would play either one match Thursday, two Friday, or opposite. Draw schedule would indicate advance play times. Steve can work the schedule to accommodate top pro schedules better than “if I win, I play at… If I lose, I play at…”

3. Saturday then becomes the final 32 player single elimination portion as follows:
A. Final 32 play down to 16 in first two rounds (1 and 3 p.m.)
B. Final 16 play down to 8 in one round (6 p.m.),
C. Final 8 play down to the four players (8 p.m.) who compete, as usual, on Sunday TV
NOTE: No player would play more than two matches on either Thursday or Friday, three matches on Saturday, or more than two matches on Sunday.

1. Point totals would begin with a % range in round robin prelims. In example, points may look like
this: 10 different Point Values from 0-100%: 0-10% =5 points, 11-20% =10, 21-30% =15,
31-40% =20, 41-50% =25, 51-60% =30, 61-70% =35, 71-80% =40, 81-90% =45, and 91-100% =50.

2. If you finish 0 and 3, and didn't win a single GAME (0%), you'd get 5 points. If you finished 2-1 with
scores of 9-7, 7-9, 9-7, you’d have 25 games won divided by 48 played for 52% (30 points). Finish 3-0
with three equal scores of 9-0, and you’ve got 100%, or 50 points going into the single elim. round.

3. At the single elimination level, bonus points are awarded to the top 16 finishers:
9-16th = 25 points 5-8th = 50 points 3-4th = 100 points 2nd = 150 points 1st = 200 points

4. This point system allows for match AND game performance to count in preliminary point totals.

1. All players are guaranteed THREE matches for their entry, vs. two in double elimination format.

2. The top 16 play the same number of matches as everyone else before the 32 player portion starts, which is better for event marketing and for spectators, who come to see THEM play.

3. Tournament format is easier for spectators to understand, and all top do-or-die matches take place on premium price Saturday and Sundays… and spectators LOVE single elimination.

4. All matches in a bracket can be played on same table (using eight tables and splitting up: 8 of sixteen brackets play part of one day, other eight play part of rest of day on Thursday, and same on Friday).

5. Steve can “pre-schedule” all match play, meaning every player (and spectator!) knows WHEN they play on the first two days of competition. Prelim “feature” matches can be planned in advance.

6. Televised matches offer continuity, as BOTH semi-finals feature undefeated players, with the winners of those matches (also both undefeated) playing in the finals. (Also eliminates a one-loss player having an advantage over an undefeated player going in cold, while guaranteeing finalists that they will play only TWO televised matches on Sunday – both players equal – and equally fresh.)

7. Match times require each player to play only one match one day, and two the other day of the prelims, and offer final 32 competitors less grueling schedules on Saturday (3 matches max), better chance for PEAK performance for us and spectators, and time for finalists to rest before Sunday TV.

8. The health of the tour is ENHANCED by less experienced players facing 3 different opponents that include a player somewhat like themselves, a top 32 ranked player, and a top 16 ranked player. This keeps the tour open to new talent, while allowing the “cream to rise to the top” of that talent pool.

9. The new point structure awards points for preliminary win/loss ratio percentages, in addition to single elimination bonus point rounds. This makes every single RACK worth something, point-wise, ranking wise, and seeding wise. BONUS match points in single elimination Stage II further reward winners.

10. The point system also can serve as the foundation for a Top 20 year-end bonus pool. Top ranked players will share in a proposed minimum $25,000 Bonus Pool, based on points earned through the year in solid rack-for-rack play, not simply by participation or luck of the draw.

11. This format is not new – it’s been tested successfully in Gordon’s events, World Championship events,
and Amway Cup. It’s familiar to international fans, which will help increase our exposure overseas.

12. ESPN, FANS and MEDIA alike (TV graphics, News Box Scores, etc) will really understand and enjoy
this format... two equal semi finals, with two UNDEFEATED players competing for the title.
It's clean, it's “do or die”.... It's SPORT!

1. Steve would need to have this programmed to figure win/loss percentage (aka Gordon’s) to break ties and make final determinations, along with having rankings available. Steve says this is do-able.

2. There remains a very slight risk of “dumping”, but reduced with win/loss ratio scoring, and also reduced as points are given for place of finish, plus cash makes big difference, as does Bonus Pool, as does the final format that seeds based on preliminary round performance.

3. Players hate “single elimination” but it wouldn’t occur until the remaining 32 players are guaranteed a paycheck. Proposed alternate break is also meant to address this concern.

10-21-2002, 12:41 PM
Pretty much what i was told by Gforce, but not with all those details. i think she and most of the WPBA like it.
should make it a lot more intresting to watch and knowing when the matches will start is something that players will really appreciate.