View Full Version : olathe, ks tourny, was anybody there?

10-23-2002, 11:43 AM
does anybody know who won in olathe last weekend? chris cass was there, how did he do? let me know topcue

10-23-2002, 02:22 PM
Dave Matlock took it off. In fact, he was the one who put Chris in the loser bracket.


10-23-2002, 03:40 PM
who put chris out?

Chris Cass
10-23-2002, 05:09 PM

Here's the scoop on Olathe. My first match I had David Matlock. When we began to play and flipped the coin. I won the flip. I used a power break but my back was alittle sore from the drive up, 6 hrs estimated but made it in 5.

Anyway, I had an easy layout and ran out. 1-0 The tourney was, winner breaks and rack your own. Something I have a hard time with. The next game, I broke and ran out again. 2-0 I racked again and broke. Nothing fell in off the snap. Just a whole lot of noise. LOL

David, ran to the 5 and missed. Was muttering something about Budweiser. LOL He seemed a little shook. I ran out. 3-0 Now, I break again after racking and made 3 balls and whitey goes flying off the table. David gets up there and runs out. 3-1 David breaks and runs down to the 3, misses and hooks me behind a cluster of balls, leaving the 3 ball almost on the head spot. He looks at me while I'm like rolling my eyes and says in a soft voice, " I got a lucky roll on you there." I said, "well dave, that's part of the game", he agreed.

I jump the ball and made it in the corner pocket. The cb hits another ball and again flys off the table. David, takes BIH and runs out. 3-2

David breaks and runs out another.3-3 David, again breaks making 2 balls in the lower right hand corner to make it wide open and runs out again. 3-4 him. David finally breaks and makes another 2 balls in the same lower right hand corner and get's hooked on the 1 ball. Thank God, and rolls out. I'm able to see the edge of the ball and cut it into the side pocket and ran out. 4-4.

I break and run out making 3 balls on the snap. 5-4 People watching the match were thinking, this was one tight match. I rack the balls and get them as tight as I possible could. I break and make nothing. David runs out. 5-5

David breaks and make the usual 2 balls in the r/h corner pocket and this time he misses and leaves me a shot. I run down to the 7 and missed that blasted thing slow rolling it for position. David, runs out. 5-6

The next 3 racks were breaks and runs by David. The balls spread just right and wide open each time. A few of the racks were shakey as the ob's had to be somewhat slow rolled for position and thought for sure I had another time up at the table but, That didn't happen. 5-9

David wins and says to me while I shook his hand, " Good game, the breaks seemed to be working for me." David is a champion and a swell guy. I like him and it was a pleasure playing him despite my loss.

My second match was with some guy named Scott Smith. Scott isn't to be confused with the Scott Smith that racks and runs the pro tourney leader boards. Scott was a nice fella. Big guy and didn't say two words till the score was 8-2. The he says, "Damm, don't you ever miss?" I laughed so hard I missed the next ball. I won 9-3.

My third match and the one that knocked me out was with a guy named Steve Knoll, I think? I played one hole partners for 4 hrs waiting for my last match. I was pretty much toast before the match began. I tried going back to my hotel room but couldn't sleep.

Anyway, this one I won't go into much detail. He wins the flip and breaks in 2 to 3 balls every time. Table wide open and runs 3 racks. I run the next and don't make a ball on the break. He runs out. 4-1 He breaks and runs another 3 making balls everytime in the r/h corner pocket.7-2

This is too much at this time. I'm like moving the cb everywhere and still, no balls go it. He misses and I run out. 7-3 I break, make one ball as this rack seemed to be dead. He, runs out and another 2 more the same way. 9-3 him.

I learned one thing. Look at the racks when, your playing anyone. I had a kid come up to me after the match and tell me the racks were crooked. Well, I didn't notice anything and it's on me if they were. This guy seemed ok to me but who knows? He was a shot maker for sure but, he was no Matlock.

All in all I met some good people. I didn't cash nor did I find any action other than a $2. pea pool game, $10. bank pool and a $20. one hole game and one pocket partners game called "kill the guy from moline", That's another story.


C.C.~~this is for you cheese....

Chris Cass
10-23-2002, 05:59 PM

There were 140 entries as I recall some added but including the womens event.

Some of the names people will recognize are:

David Matlock, Danny Harriman, Larry Nevel, Andy Gilbert(cue maker), Jimmy Wetch, Greg Fix, Rich Sager, Whitey Walker, Ty Wilson, Jamie Barraks, Chad Vilmont, Steve Hassell, Shane McMinn, Joe Salazar, Mike Athens, Jenni Athens, Karla Chorney, Steve Rector, Donnie Brown, Mark Chernin, just to name a few.

My favorite was Mike Athens. I finally met Mike from IA. a CCBer. Mike came over and introduced himself during one of my matches. Great guy. We talked several times. Mike is a great player as I watched him hit a few with another player there.

Boy, can he woof! LOL I think the guy that started with him found out soon that Mike means business. He isn't afraid to play any either. LOL That was great. Move over Frost..

Seriously, Mike can definitely play some. Others I met were Andy Gilbert the cue maker. A young guy with a southern type accent. We talked for a little while. He said he needed to get away for awhile and play the tourney. He shoots well too, no doubt. Nice guy and full of laughs.

All were great to talk to, and I enjoyed myself too. Action? Forget it. I found one game of 9ball banks on the shimmed 9fts. won and they kicked us off the tables for a 1 hole match. LOL A get this $2. pea pool game in which I won $24. LOL A $20. game of 1 pocket and they dragged me off to play my second match in the 1 pocket event with Ty Wilson. The good thing was, when I was up 2-1 in the race to 3 with Ty. A guy came up and wanted to bet me $50. I lose the match. I laughed and agreed wholeheartedly. Then the guy looks up at the score and changed his mind to, this game in which Ty had broke leaving me a shot. I laughed again and agreed and ran out 8-0. LOL Ty is one of the best guys I know in Mn. and is a personal favorite of mine. Strong player too.


C.C.~~thought you'd like to know.

10-24-2002, 11:38 AM

How do you remember your matches in such detail? I am lucky to remember the score of my matches. I will agree with your view of Matlock being a 'swell' guy, and I like the way he plays the game.

The first time I ever saw him was in Ames, Ia. at the Corner Pocket. We were having a $500 added tournament and only had 17 players and we were getting ready to start and in walks Matlock. So, we had 18 players and Scott Frost happened to be one of the other players there. It was fun watching Matlock play, although he didn't really have any challenges other than Scott.